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Yippee, I got nominated for my awesome beta support at Sunnydale Awards, it's a pleasure cause honestly it's more a spirited and interesting discussion than a beta work with A2h! Love doing it, will do it again too... Cheers!


Nov. 11th, 2010 05:54 pm
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Well I got Runner Up at White Knight Awards (the 2010 edition) and what I found amazing is that this story really resonated with people and they voted for it! Maybe I have a soft spot for the man...

Congrats to [ profile] angelus2hot as well for her awards for the story The Best Film ever Made.

I Like the Quiet: Fics nominated in this category should focus solely on Xander.

To read the story follow this link:

Runner Up at White Knight Awards 2010

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Well, Yeah!

The announcement was made today and my first ever FemSlash story won...

And... my old little Xander introspection did too. I loved the fairytale it was based on and i amhappy that the result inspired so many people to vote for it. It got runner up...

And even our beloved site got voted in for a win as best fan-fic site, can you imagine this?

A2h got some wonderful nods too, yeah!!!

Of course you can check all the stories through the links created on my memory pages (those stories shall be under the BtVS tag).
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