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Title: Playing House, the Adult Way ~ An X-Files Story
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Rating: NC-17 .
Warnings: Kinkiness with a dash of schmoop and romanticism
Word Count: 2753
Spoiler: Post Season 6 Episode 15 – Arcadia (stand alone)
Summary: After playing house in the Falls of Arcadia for their investigation, Mulder and Scully decide to give their couple a chance. It’s tentative, still very private and as with every new love filled with epic sex, angsty longings and intimate discoveries. This is the story of one such kink being explored to its fullest.
Dedicated to: [ profile] easyqueenie whose prompt at [ profile] xf_santa included “ I'm a fanfic junkie so I'd prefer fic; 99.9% of what I love is MSR If I'm reading NC-17 I tend towards BDSM kinks but I've dreamed of a Scully-in-a-chastity-belt fic for a few years now if anyone's up for that! I like my fics set in S6/7...
Author Notes: I wanted to really go towards the BDSM part mostly because I enjoy power play and spankings in fic but I had to concur I couldn’t ever remember seeing a chastity belt fic out there, no matter the fandom and decided to try for one and focus on that instead. It is the first time I wrote a fairly graphic Mulder/Scully story, I hope it still will be a nice read but if improvement [or follow up, lol] is needed I welcome con-crit :-)
Visual Aids available at the bottom of the post ♥
Special Thanks to the Organizers of the XF Santa Exchange, it's my only opportunity to challenge myself to write in the Fandom and rediscover what other fans have been up to, Thank You!
Finally kudos to the people that helped me make this little story better, [ profile] angelus2hot and [ profile] thelittlespanko whose x-files stories at [ profile] spanking_world do make the world a better place :D
Crossposted at original community, and AO3

Playing House, the Adult Way... )

When my computer crashed I lost the original picture that inspired  me during the fic, so I can't show it here but the following might help the reader imagine all the good fun one might have :)

Visual Aids NC17... )

Hope you enjoyed the read ♥

By the way, the wonderful present I received from [ profile] wendelah1 is 'THE' perfect missing scene for my lil romantic heart. It's a NC-17 story called A Merry Little Christmas, if you have a moment, please check it out :)
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To participate in the challenge inspired by [ profile] thelittlespanko at [ profile] spanking_world I decided to use a small prompt table from [ profile] 100_tables and write 10 drabbles.
There are plenty more prompts to pick if you are inspired on that post at 100_tables

Here is the result, for those few following this journal, I hope you will find some enjoyable reads ♥

001. Melancholy 002. Anger 003. Happy 004. Lonely 005. Hungry
006. Confused 007. Excited 008. Guilty 009. Stressed 010. Weird

This table links to the spanking world posts, if you are not a member, as soon as I complete all ten, I will repost them here with a link as well :)

001. Melancholy BtVS 002. Anger Angel 003. Happy Angel 004. Lonely Supernatural 005. Hungry Teen Wolf
006. Confused Supernatural 007. Excited X-Files 008. Guilty Angel 009. Stressed Suits 010. Weird Tomorrow People

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Title: I really want to Believe
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Your Choice/mulder
Rating: PG-13
Word Prompt: Excited
Word Count: 100
Time Period: The weekend came and it's going to be so much fun :-)

Mulder couldn’t stop the grin spreading on his weathered face. He was promised a night of fun, and with his extensive porn consumption he couldn’t stop imagining one hot scenario after the other.

The hot shower had brought a great pink hue to his skin and suddenly he wondered how different it would be if he were to submit to an erotic flogging session, the leather strands warming on his skin, spreading the heat all over his eager body.

And to top it off, a joyful caning could be the cherry on top of his cake.

Boy was he excited…

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt.
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Title: Following the Leader
Fandom: The X-Files
Pairing: Mulder/Kryceck
Rating: All ages
Implement: Ruler
Link: created for [ profile] spanking_world for their first drabblefest

Following the Leader... )

Thanks for reading

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Another drabble created as part of Whdeonverse Spring 2011 Story Tree

Title: Truth or Dare
First Word: Oil

Last Word: Play
Author: Pat
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairing: Fox Mulder

Summary: Mulder is distressed by the decision he has to make, now that he knows how far the Alien Conspiracy goes.
A/N: Part of the Conspiracy Arc on the X-Files.

Oil, dark and un-relentless. It's reach is overwhelming, the men behind it so powerful, there is no way to fight that inescapable future.

Fox Mulder can't imagine being one of the Chosen one. His parents made a choice with which he cannot live. Still, he wants Scully to have a chance.

It means dealing with Kryceck... Becoming Kryceck... Relying on Kryceck. Can he do it? Will he have the guts to play Russian Roulette with her life, play a kids game of Truth and Dare and finding out he has neither the guts or the compunction to let it play?

The End.
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I can't believe I missed my XF Secret Santa present but I did... Dummy me.

Look at how gorgeous these wall, headers and icons are, honestly, freakin' amazing!!!

My Mulder and Scully rock, thanks to the talented Leyenn.

As soon as I figure out how to get the photos in this post, I'll edit it. Until then, you can follow the link provided to enjoy the pretties!
MS Wallpaper

Close          Attention          Looking          Trust          Gazing

Banner 1

Banner 2

Leyenn ([ profile] leyenn ) wrote in [ profile] xf_santa , @ 2010-01-09 00:41:00

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Well here is my first ever story in the X-Files verse, I had fun doing it, even though I am not sure I met all the requirements of my Secret Santee.


Title: None but the Braves
Author: Pat aka Cordy69
Pairing/Character: Mulder/Scully
Word Count: 1117
Rating: PG-13
Spoiler Warning: None specific, relate to first movie.
Summary: Missing scene taking part at end of Fight the Future movie.

December 2009 Secret Santa @
Thank you for the wonderful opportuntity to connect with like-minded fans!
The request made by [info]namarie24 can be found here:
The story is also posted here:

Dedicated to Namarie24 ~ Happy Holidays!

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I am so excited the X-Files Secret Santa started and there are so many participants already,it tells me the community is alive and well!

Anyhoo, if you want to participate follow the link:
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