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To participate in the challenge inspired by [ profile] thelittlespanko at [ profile] spanking_world I decided to use a small prompt table from [ profile] 100_tables and write 10 drabbles.
There are plenty more prompts to pick if you are inspired on that post at 100_tables

Here is the result, for those few following this journal, I hope you will find some enjoyable reads ♥

001. Melancholy 002. Anger 003. Happy 004. Lonely 005. Hungry
006. Confused 007. Excited 008. Guilty 009. Stressed 010. Weird

This table links to the spanking world posts, if you are not a member, as soon as I complete all ten, I will repost them here with a link as well :)

001. Melancholy BtVS 002. Anger Angel 003. Happy Angel 004. Lonely Supernatural 005. Hungry Teen Wolf
006. Confused Supernatural 007. Excited X-Files 008. Guilty Angel 009. Stressed Suits 010. Weird Tomorrow People

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Title: Can't BelieveThis!
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Dean with Lisa by Ben
Rating: PG-15
Prompt Word: Confused
Time Period: During the year Dean is spending with Lisa and Ben, things happen...

I heard the slaps and at first I just couldn’t figure out what the sound was. I was keen on fighting a new monster, now that Dean lived with us, so I grabbed my baseball bat and tiptoed in the hall trying to figure out where the sound was coming from.

I zeroed in on their bedroom! With my ear to the door I heard more slaps and some muffled groans. The sound hard to distinguish made it difficult to determine if the situation required my intervention. Intent, I listened and wondered if someone was getting spanked… Crazy, isn’t it?

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title: In the Dead of the Night
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: John thinking about Mary Winchester (Supernatural)
Rating: PG-15
Word: 100
Based on Prompt: Lonely
Time Period: John can't get over Mary's death...
Warning: Mention of self-punishment, self-flagellation ... I don't know :(

Restless dreams split my life, growing like a cancer into an ache; for the things I lost and a simple connection. I long to hold you in my arms and talk to you about my day, about the boys and the warnings flashed along the way.

The naked light shines over our fights, everything looking so petty, pain ricocheting against my troubled mind bare walls to leave me fighting to breathe, a reminiscence of our playful dates, anything to remove the need for penance and punishment whispered in my head.

May the lash erase the seeds of yearning left behind!

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title:  A Hell of a Ride
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Rating: PG-13 (wording)
Fandom: Buffy/Supernatural
Pairing: Cordy/Dean
Word count: 1450
Summary: Dean and Cordelia are this hot couple in Sunnydale high-school, a little crazy, a bit carefree, until Dean does something stupid and Cordy has to react; surprising them both.
Prompt: In or Out of the Car & Fighting or Joyride & Ping Pong Paddle (wood & rubber)
Based on [ profile] spankedbyspike Blind Prompt Challenge: thanks for the push ♥
Crossposted at spanking world and AO3
This is my first ever Cordy/Dean, if you like it, don't hesitate to comment :)

A Hell of a Ride... )

So, I disappeared for my birthday to go on a retreat with my family and it was fun. I can't tell you how much I've missed you all, and I can't wait to catch up with all of you. I come bearing gift... A little story I scribbled on paper before retyping it, I can't remember the last time I wrote like that but I enjoyed myself with this and I hope you do to ♥
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Title: My Pledge to You
Author: Cordy69
Pairing: Jared/jensen
Rating: PG
Prompt by [ profile] itsmecoon found in the Battle of the Show thread
Word Count: 630
Beta: Thank you Sarah J
An hour a day, makes for a good drabble to give away J

My Pledge to You... )

I hope you enjoy this read :-)
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As Part of the 2013 [ profile] bdsm_fandom 4-sentence drabble-a-thon, one my prompt was filled :-) Thanks Selena ♥


March 23 2013, 12:52:38 Local1 week ago

White Collar & Supernatural Crossover Prompt: Neal is staying with Peter for the weekend and he is enjoying a Supernatural marathon... Peter points out that it is hard time the brothers get spanked for some stupid things he notice while the show is playing and Neal gets hot and bothered hearing him explain what should be coming their way...


March 23 2013, 14:27:36 Local1 week ago

Fill: White Collar/Supernatural, Neal/Peter

"If Sam and Dean were mine," Peter gestures at the TV, "and pulled stupid things like that, I'd know what to do with them - they want to behave like bratty kids, I'd treat them like kids and put them over my lap for a much needed spanking."

Neal has to fight not to squirm on the sofa, doesn't want Peter to notice how much he enjoys the pictures the other man is painting with his words, then Peter suddenly stops in his detailed description of just how he'd make sure that they'd not be sitting comfortable for days, and Neal can see from the corner of his eye that he's intently looking at him.

When he turns his head to look at Peter, he sees a dangerous glint in the other man's eyes; Peter pointedly looks down to where Neal's growing erection is way too clearly visible through his trousers and says with a challenging grin: "Maybe you would like a demonstration of how I can keep unruly boys in line."

Phew, that was hard to put into just four sentences... I hope it makes sense despite the very creative use of punctuation


March 23 2013, 17:44:20 Local1 week ago

I loooooove it. This is so much better than whatever was in my mind. Gosh, I'd want a long fic now... Perfect drabble, thank you!


March 24 2013, 03:40:56 Local1 week ago

        And I'm glad that you like it

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Author: Cordy69

Type of work: Fiction

Title: Across the Universe

Fandom: Crossover NCIS, SGA, SPN

Spanking Characters: Tony/dean, Lorne/sam, Gibbs

Type of Spanking: Erotic

Implements: Hand, Flogger

Summary: In this Universe, Lorne is back on Earth (circa season 2 of SGA when the Ancients return to Atlantis) and is assigned to Gibbs working with the NCIS Team. At a weekend party he discovers an interesting side of his co-workers...

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 2492

Notes and Warning: Not Harsh at all... Originally posted at [ profile] spanking_world for their 2012 Holiday Exchange

Spoiler: Completely AU

Dedicated to: [ profile] sexycazzy who wanted any Erotic/Sensual spanking with any of those pairings: Stargate Atlantis: Lorne/any male (expect for Kavanagh); Supernatural: Sam/Dean; NCIS: Tony/Gibbs, Tony/Abby, Tony/Jimmy in that scenario: Dom(me)/sub universe where everyone are either a Dom(me) or a sub, first times, coming out to family/friends that the couple are in a D/s relationship… HAPPY HOLIDAYS SEXY!

Holiday Exchange Fic for Sexycazzy... )

Thank You for Reading!

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Author: [ profile] cordy69
Type of work: Birthday Fiction for [ profile] trumansshell
Title: Don't Wanna
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: John Winchester, Dean (9) and Sammy (5)
Type of Spanking: Sibling hand spanking implied
Implement(s): hand
Summary: Sammy first spanking at the hand of Dean is rocking the Winchester boat.
Rating: PG
Word Count or Length: 1136 words
Spoiler up to (episode or season): No Spoiler, Pre-series
Notes & Warnings: Cute and sadly only the aftermath of the spanking is discussed here. Still hope you will enjoy this Shell!
Birthday Prompt: Anything wee!chester or teen!chester :)

Read the story ... )

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For the Spring 2011 Story Tree at Whedonverse and Beyond

Title: Frenchied…
Author: Pat
Character(s)/Pairing: Dean Winchester (Supernatural Season 6 after The French Mistake)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 192
First Word: Jensen
Last Word: Harder
Summary: Dean has a hard time working the alternate reality presented to him by the side trip in the lives of his alter-ego.


Dean woke in cold sweats, taking a minute to set his bearings right. Sam was still asleep in the bed next to his; his knife was safely under his pillow, the salt lines are undisturbed along the window sill and the door. The eldest Winchester was still wandering what awoke him, and then the name again, a whisper in his muddled brain. Jensen.

He finally remembered the trip to Vancouver, the discovery of that alternate life in which Sam is an estranged friend, Ruby his wife, Castiel an actor. And their names… What the heck? What kind of name is Padalecki anyway?

Dean hates this other world, a world in which everything is askew, everything he has known a joke. Dean envies this Jensen. In his world, he could have cultivated a friendship and a different kind of love for his brother, that Jared.

He thought he had seen it all, Hell and Heaven, sorrow and joy but never would he have imagined a world in which his brother is an “other”, an entity living a separate life, becoming a sudden object of interest.

Could his life have sucked any harder?

The End.
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Title: A Wolf in Sheep Clothing
Author: Pat
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG
Word Count: 230
Characters/Pairing: John Winchester
Summary: set pre-series
First Word: Town
Last Word: Give


Part of the Spring 2011 Story Tree at Whedonverse and Beyond


A Wolf... )
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Another drabble created as part of Whdeonverse Spring 2011 Story Tree

Title: No Mountain High Enough
First Word: Family
Last Word: Care
Author: Pat
Rating: PG
Word Count: 483
Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester
Summary: Dean faces the impact of finding out Sam has no soul.

A/N: Set sometimes in mid season 6 of Supernatural.

Family. It’s been everything to Dean for so long, he was lost now. He left behind the new one he had acquired just last year for the brother he had found again, just to realize the person occupying that body had no soul. No real memories of the two of them, no particular fondness for the antics of their youth, no resentment for the hardship they went through, no longing for the white fence dream he almost had, no yearning for the easy and exclusive relationship the two shared. This man, looming over him, larger than life, is a hard ass he doesn’t recognize. His Sammy is no more, at least not in a way he can reach to him.

Dean feels something breaking in him. The small candlelight of hope for a better future snuffed before it could shine bright. Lisa and Ben had been his life line, keeping him tethered to the edge of the precipice, alive and contributing, no matter how little to this world and to their well being. He owes them so much. And yet, he abandoned them for Sam. He will leave everyone behind for Sam. How stupid is that? This dickwad of Zacariah was right; they really are co-dependent. Well Dean more than Sam. Dean can’t even imagine following Ruby like her puppy dog over being with his brother. Ever.

Oddly enough, he misses the easy companionship he had with Ben and Lisa even more now. Ben gave himself to Dean without any reservation. A bit like Sammy use to, growing up. He wanted to be with him, wanted to do what he did, wanted to keep him apprised of his activities. If it wasn’t for his bubbly, and yet respectful of his boundaries, energy, Dean wouldn’t have taken so easily to the domestic life. Lisa sweetened the deal with her subdued acceptance of Dean’s pain and wholesome inability to simply be. He had to relearn how to read people that weren’t Sam, how to please people that were sharing his life in a completely different way, how to stay at a decent job and look forward for a paycheck. He became somebody else, and it worked; for a while.

He loved waking up to a warm, willing and loving body in his arms. He loved taking care of Ben as the son he will probably never have. At night, he wakes up with both of them entangled in his dreams and sometimes his nightmares. He feels small suddenly. Crushed by the sheer weight of what happened these past years; the impact the Campbell and Winchester lives and decisions have made on the world. He feels nauseous, just thinking about what else he will do for Sam, his Sammy. He will die for his brother soul, if that is what the Power that Be requires of him. He just needs to know this stranger will care.

The End.
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Part of the Cuddles, Snuggles, Kisses and Porn Multi-Fandom Story Tree - STORY TREE found here:

The following story follow the one by [ profile] angelus2hot  called Steal Your Kisses

Title: Steal Your Life
Author: Cordy69
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean (mid season6)
Summary: Ragged Dean needs a pick up and manages it with a pep-talk
First Word: Right
Last Word: Fight

Right now, he'd give anything to be in sunny Palo Alto, stalking his studious little brother, remembering binge drinking evenings at random bars with his father, learning one small step at a time how to fix a car with Bobby. But... No... He had to be freakin' tied to a post (again) waiting to be devoured by an arachnid of some type. Why does his life revolve around crap? Crap doesn't even begin to cover it (no pun intended).

He gets Sam back for exactly one week! One week! And here they are facing death. Again.
There were few things he had to tie up before meeting his end. Come on!

Yep, he needed to leave few things for Ben and Lisa. But who the heck ever plan for an untimely demise? Even in their line of work?

Moreover though, he needed to talk to Sam. Sammy, who managed to kiss him with more passion in one simple peck than half of the girls he hooked up with in his heydays. He hadn't stop to really think what it meant for him or his brother; too focused on getting him his soul back. Well, mission accomplished! For what?

In all honesty, what could he have done? You can't erase in few minutes lifetimes of conditioning. He has always been Sam caretaker, he had learn lately to become his partner, he now had to learn how to love him better? Differently? Could he?

The kisses Sam had bestowed on him few weeks back had taking him by surprise. Mostly for what it meant to Sammy but also because he had let himself enjoy them, reveling in the soft and pliant lips of his brother, the strength of the two hands holding him in place, the moans that escaped his panting breath. It had been hot!

Now was obviously not the time to reminisce. He has things to do, monsters to kill, brothers to save, a new love to reclaim.

And with his wits back to normal, Dean started looking around for a way out; finding it with a sharp piece of broken glass lost in the dusty ground... He was ready to live, ready to fight!

Follow up of... )
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Oh my...

Look what I found in my mail today...

A beautiful fan-mix made just for me... well and John Winchester too!

The good hearted Phantisma had opened an online auction for folks on LJ to help this young homeless girl have a chance to bring her baby in this world with a bit of dignity and joy and I bidded for the first time ever.

The amazing [ profile] ldyghstwhisprer managed to get both my likes and needs in music and mix them with my vision of John Winchester in such a fabulous way, I am at awe.

She posted the work here: and I am posting the photo right now just for the pleasure I get from looking at it!

JW FanMix for Cordy69


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A Morning Wood by Pat (December 2009)

SPN ~ Dean and Sam Winchester ~ NC-17

The Story )

The winter light filtered bleakly through the semi closed curtains and it took a moment for Sam to get his bearing. His left side was comfortably warm and a heavy weight was settled on his groin. With clouds still firmly settled in his sleepy brain he went to move a little and was stopped by a contraction on his prick.

Ooooh Damn, it felt so good. Opening an eye, he notices the strong hand lying over his boxer and finally becomes aware of his brother sleeping against him.

Fuck! With an economy of movement learned through years of practice he tries to turn a little on his side and spy if Dean is awake. Nothing. Not a movement of the eyelid, a change in breathing pattern, he appears dead to the world, except his freaking grabby hand!!!

Sam lays back his head against the pillow and tries to think. Of course who can think when your brother hand is fondling you in his sleep? So, not trying to think then... Move? His hips jerk a little to dislodge the hand seating on the cotton and again the fingers play grab the rod and hold him in place.

Gee, now? Really? Yep, his cock is growing of its own accord, responding greedily to the pressure.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m a dead man! Lifting his pelvis slightly, hoping to dislodge the hand, Sam tilt to the opposite side of his brother and without real momentum get stopped again by the palm pressing on his balls and the long warm fingers holding on to their prize. Heck weren’t those his jewels? Bad, bad Dean. Huh… Oh, man!

His pulsing shaft loved it! Can’t believe that little collaborator, enjoying itself, dripping pre-cum, what next? Coming? From his brother fondling him in his freaking sleep? Well if he has no choice, Dean’s asleep anyway, isn’t he? And with that decisive thought he let himself be, opened both eyes while leaning towards his big brother still happily resting and with a silent sigh moved a little in the hand palming him so well. The feeling is amazing. The soft cotton slides lovingly against his sensitive shaft and the fingers closing on him are doing so with enough strength that it impedes his upcoming spurting. Sam is now definitively horny and clearly becoming mad with need.

He pushes up again and the fingers release him, for a second, before closing in again for the kill. It feels incredible. Those trusted and gifted fingers go for a sweep, a thumb brushing against the weeping head of his throbbing shaft, and he can’t hold the full body shiver cursing through him. The whimpering is held back by sheer force of will. The panting breathing pattern is short and choppy but hushed enough that the room is still dwelling in a quietness and stillness that keep the curious happening from taking shape into the full kink it really is.

The dampness spreading on his boxers made the friction even hotter, the thumbing working it out is relentless and from the end of his toes to the top of his spine he could feel an electric current taking hold of his body. Sam did not know if he needed to try to stand down and breathe deep or pump like a madman in his brother fist. The choice was taken from him when Dean’s hand picked up the rhythm, pulling on the stretched boxer, and heavily petting the engorged member Sam couldn’t control.

Sammy held his breath, his mind blank, his cock pulsating matching the quick tempo of his beating heart, drowning all noise and awareness not related to his pleasure. The tightness in his balls became unbearable and with a long exhale he surrendered, his over stimulated prick growing in size, filling the firm hand helping him ride the bliss. His spurting emissions ended up confined to the drenched underwear but nothing could take away the joy found in this morning out of the world stimulation.

Sam closed his eyes, an arm abandoned over his face, the other still crushing the t-shirt his brother wore to bed, his heartbeat slowly calming, his thoughts reshaping themselves and little by little finally making sense.  The sharp intake of breath and quick rise of Dean definitively sped up the process. Leisurely raising his arm enough to push the bangs of his face, he opened both bedroom eyes and caught the surprised look on Dean expressive features. His expression was priceless, he glanced at his wet hand and then at the relaxed pose of his baby brother and then again to his sticky fingers.

“What the fuck?” he blurred. “Sammy, what happened?” Dean managed in a cracking, still sleepy voice.

 “Dunno” Sam answered mutedly. And then he added “but it was good man. I swear.”

“Get in the shower, freak!”Ordered a stupefied Dean finally cleaning his hand on his crumbled pajama top. And Sam had enough of an incentive not to wait for his brother to repeat the command; he gingerly left the bed and headed towards the little bathroom completing the small hotel room they managed to rent late last night. With a slump in his shoulders Dean sat back on the lone bed furnishing the room and looked around trying to get his own bearings back.

The End.

Word count: 907

Thank you for reading, and any comment is welcome!

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Aug. 4th, 2009 06:58 am
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For the summer contest found at Whedonverse and Beyond:


Expression: I wouldn’t set the sun at night ‘till everyone was treated right.
Mood prompt: Betrayed
Word prompt: Reflections

Broken, by Pat
Supernatural, Sam PoV, PG-15 for language

For two days it’s been Bobby and me, mopping around his shack. Seeing Dean being torn apart, alive, kicking and screaming was obviously too much for me. When I came back to myself, Bobby was there, tears running unchecked on his burly face, I was shocked and unresponsive. I still am. My big brother, my protector, my confident, my best friend, the closest person I have ever been to is not by me anymore. His grin that I thought was immortalized in my brain was replaced by the painful expression frozen in that last moment. Can I even ever listen to classic rock again? Gee all my musical education has to be shoved down a drain; from now on it ought to be NPR radio all the time. I cry; Again. There were tears left to be shed?

It’s always in times like those that the worse memories come to plague my conscious moments. Dean giving me the Christmas present from hell: a Barbie; my sibling checking my homework; Dean giving me my first wedgies; Dean teaching me to drive the Impala. Good and bad moments, all cherished, all lost forever as the only person I could share them with is gone, left me to face the world, alone.

I knew it could happen, I prepared for it, I just can’t live through the absence! Fuck the world, why brings us in it? To fight? There isn’t enough fodder out there?

I remember so well his dibs, he was so sure I was the good brother, the one that cared about the world, the innocents. I just wanted to understand what it was that dad was disappearing for, I wanted to know how much of a risk Dean was taking, I wanted to kill whatever took mom out before I had a chance to grow-up with her. Caring for the world came later, in my teens, only after I assured myself that we were all equipped, mentally and physically, to deal with the various hunts. I even had the misguided impression that what we did would change the world that I could make sure that everyone was always treated right, was safer if not happier at the end of a gig.

Dean would usually get the girl and I would scoff. Today I am reeling. Where were any of these people we saved? For years, we sacrificed, hurt, and had no lives for people that simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time or made the wrong decisions. None was there for us. None picked up for dad, none offered to help Dean, and none stood by me.

I hate them all! They can all rot in hell for all I care. The world is not a safe place, it’s not a caring place and I refuse to carry its weight.

I want my brother back… I don’t want to be nice to people, to reassure them, to defend them. I want to be reassured, protected, happy and it can never happen again.

The End (words: 504)
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