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Title: For all the Gold in the World

Author: Cordy69

Notes: For [ profile] itsmecoon birthday. I know we all wish you the best of birthday :) I hope it will be the stuff of legend but if not, I come bearing presents... LOL. I hope you like it sweety!

Fandom: White Collar ~ Peter/neal, Elizabeth/neal ~

Word Count: 1973 words

Rating: PG-15

Crossposted at [ profile] spanking_world in Birthday Thread ♥

Peter liked the weekends. They were almost always quiet affairs... A walk to the neighborhood market, lazy afternoons on the couch watching portfolios of artists El wanted to showcase, opinions exchanged about the quality and statement made by the pieces they all selected, stupid fights over the remote control and games over the restaurants they wanted to try.

For all the Gold in the World... White Collar )


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Title: Playing House, the Adult Way ~ An X-Files Story
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Rating: NC-17 .
Warnings: Kinkiness with a dash of schmoop and romanticism
Word Count: 2753
Spoiler: Post Season 6 Episode 15 – Arcadia (stand alone)
Summary: After playing house in the Falls of Arcadia for their investigation, Mulder and Scully decide to give their couple a chance. It’s tentative, still very private and as with every new love filled with epic sex, angsty longings and intimate discoveries. This is the story of one such kink being explored to its fullest.
Dedicated to: [ profile] easyqueenie whose prompt at [ profile] xf_santa included “ I'm a fanfic junkie so I'd prefer fic; 99.9% of what I love is MSR If I'm reading NC-17 I tend towards BDSM kinks but I've dreamed of a Scully-in-a-chastity-belt fic for a few years now if anyone's up for that! I like my fics set in S6/7...
Author Notes: I wanted to really go towards the BDSM part mostly because I enjoy power play and spankings in fic but I had to concur I couldn’t ever remember seeing a chastity belt fic out there, no matter the fandom and decided to try for one and focus on that instead. It is the first time I wrote a fairly graphic Mulder/Scully story, I hope it still will be a nice read but if improvement [or follow up, lol] is needed I welcome con-crit :-)
Visual Aids available at the bottom of the post ♥
Special Thanks to the Organizers of the XF Santa Exchange, it's my only opportunity to challenge myself to write in the Fandom and rediscover what other fans have been up to, Thank You!
Finally kudos to the people that helped me make this little story better, [ profile] angelus2hot and [ profile] thelittlespanko whose x-files stories at [ profile] spanking_world do make the world a better place :D
Crossposted at original community, and AO3

Playing House, the Adult Way... )

When my computer crashed I lost the original picture that inspired  me during the fic, so I can't show it here but the following might help the reader imagine all the good fun one might have :)

Visual Aids NC17... )

Hope you enjoyed the read ♥

By the way, the wonderful present I received from [ profile] wendelah1 is 'THE' perfect missing scene for my lil romantic heart. It's a NC-17 story called A Merry Little Christmas, if you have a moment, please check it out :)
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Title: The very Picture of Penance
Author: [ profile] cordy69
and [ profile] spankedbyspike
Characters: Angel/lindsey, Spike
Word count: 2654 Words
Rating: PG15 Rating for harshness and elements of humiliation
Type of spanking: Hand and Belt spankings
Thanks to [ profile] angelus2hot for the lovely read work and spanky in particular for the Awesome collaboration.
Notes and Summary: In season 5 of Angel the Series, Angel finds out Lindsey has been impersonating Doyle, his fallen guide, to get Spike to do his work for him and dividing the team at Wolfram and Hart. The vampire is angry and enrolls Spike to deal with the situation... You wouldn't want to be Lindsey...
Dedicated to: [ profile] spankingfemme for her belated Birthday present. We all wish you the Best ♥

Luv U by delayed poet

The Very Picture of Penance... )
We Hope you had the Most Wonderful Birthday and that this little story will bring a smile to your face even if it is a bit late :-)


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Title: The World is a strange place
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Fandoms: Crossover between BtVS and Torchwood
Characters: Ianto/jack, Buffy/faith
Implement: Hand
Word Count: 1889 words
Warning: Loosely happening at the end of the show Buffy when Slayers end up in Europe and sometimes when Ianto was still alive in Torchwood. No major spoiler.
Rating: PG
Buffy and Faith are in the UK dealing with demons on the other side of the pond when they stumble upon the Torchwood Hub and are privy to a discipline session between Jack and Ianto that inspire them.
Crossposted at AO3 and spanking_world
Dedicated to [ profile] darkwingduckie7 for her Birthday. Hope you will enjoy this little work, wishing you the BEST!!!!

The slayers had never seen a place like this. It was oddly cozy, the smell of good coffee permeating all the office space and then, the unthinkable: rows of cages containing Monsters of all shapes, incredible apparatus of an unknown future all over the place; an unbelievable world that made coming to the UK more than a necessity.

Buffy was ready to call in Giles but Faith was still exploring, dropping carelessly on cots, chairs, touching anything and everything; a little bit like Goldilocks testing the lives and belongings of all three bears... Buffy couldn’t yet tell who the Bears were going to be but she was fairly confident she didn’t want them to find the Slayers here without a better understanding of what this HUB was and how related to their role as slayers it was.
She called on Faith to join her back and get the hell out of dodge now that they cased the place.
The World is a Strange Place... )

Comments are love :-)
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Title: Risky Business
Author: Cordy69
Pairing: Harvey/mike
Rating: PG
Prompt by [ profile] ficwriterjet found in the Battle of the Shows thread hope you will like this take :)
Word Count: 1335
Beta: Sadly none, I am working on so many different fandoms I don’t know who can work with me but if you want to volunteer, you’d be a Hero J
An hour a day, makes for a good drabble to give away J

Risky Business... )

Happy Read everyone :-)
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Title: My Pledge to You
Author: Cordy69
Pairing: Jared/jensen
Rating: PG
Prompt by [ profile] itsmecoon found in the Battle of the Show thread
Word Count: 630
Beta: Thank you Sarah J
An hour a day, makes for a good drabble to give away J

My Pledge to You... )

I hope you enjoy this read :-)
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Title: The Newbie
Author: Cordy69
Pairing: Peter/neal
Rating: PG
Prompt by [ profile] cookielaura found in this thread
Word Count: 610
Beta: Sadly none, I am working on so many different fandoms I don’t know who can work with me but if you want to volunteer, you’d be a Hero J
An hour a day, makes for a good drabble to give away J

The Newbie... )

Thanks for reading and CookieLaura, I hope you will like :-)
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As Part of the 2013 [ profile] bdsm_fandom 4-sentence drabble-a-thon, one my prompt was filled :-) Thanks Selena ♥


March 23 2013, 12:52:38 Local1 week ago

White Collar & Supernatural Crossover Prompt: Neal is staying with Peter for the weekend and he is enjoying a Supernatural marathon... Peter points out that it is hard time the brothers get spanked for some stupid things he notice while the show is playing and Neal gets hot and bothered hearing him explain what should be coming their way...


March 23 2013, 14:27:36 Local1 week ago

Fill: White Collar/Supernatural, Neal/Peter

"If Sam and Dean were mine," Peter gestures at the TV, "and pulled stupid things like that, I'd know what to do with them - they want to behave like bratty kids, I'd treat them like kids and put them over my lap for a much needed spanking."

Neal has to fight not to squirm on the sofa, doesn't want Peter to notice how much he enjoys the pictures the other man is painting with his words, then Peter suddenly stops in his detailed description of just how he'd make sure that they'd not be sitting comfortable for days, and Neal can see from the corner of his eye that he's intently looking at him.

When he turns his head to look at Peter, he sees a dangerous glint in the other man's eyes; Peter pointedly looks down to where Neal's growing erection is way too clearly visible through his trousers and says with a challenging grin: "Maybe you would like a demonstration of how I can keep unruly boys in line."

Phew, that was hard to put into just four sentences... I hope it makes sense despite the very creative use of punctuation


March 23 2013, 17:44:20 Local1 week ago

I loooooove it. This is so much better than whatever was in my mind. Gosh, I'd want a long fic now... Perfect drabble, thank you!


March 24 2013, 03:40:56 Local1 week ago

        And I'm glad that you like it

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For my Birthday, I got this wonderful Art made just for me by my dear friend Angelus2hot.

I love them and have to re-arrange a my collection of icons now, lol.


forpatangelcordyprofilemanip by a2h july 12

forpatangelcordymanipwallpaper from a2h july12 

forpatangelcordyprofilemanip by a2h july 12

forpatangelcordyprofileicon from a2h july12 1.      forpatangelcordyprofileicon2  from a2h july122.     forpatangelcordyprofileicon3  from a2h july12 3.      forpatangelcordyprofileicon4  from a2h july12 4.

Aren't these Awesome?
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Author: [ profile] cordy69
Type of work: Birthday Fiction for [ profile] trumansshell
Title: Don't Wanna
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: John Winchester, Dean (9) and Sammy (5)
Type of Spanking: Sibling hand spanking implied
Implement(s): hand
Summary: Sammy first spanking at the hand of Dean is rocking the Winchester boat.
Rating: PG
Word Count or Length: 1136 words
Spoiler up to (episode or season): No Spoiler, Pre-series
Notes & Warnings: Cute and sadly only the aftermath of the spanking is discussed here. Still hope you will enjoy this Shell!
Birthday Prompt: Anything wee!chester or teen!chester :)

Read the story ... )

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Verucasalt123 posted that a few prompts were left unanswered and I decided to help a bit with one little icon lol, so for [ profile] neverminetohold here is a Damon (Vampire diaries) icon I made.


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Title: Roman Love
Author: Cordy69
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Words: 1755
Spike is back in Rome looking for Buffy with the hope of rekindling their relationship.
Note: This is the first time I tried writing this pairing, I hope the Spuffy afficionados will enjoy and even more I hope this is a good answer to [ profile] anr dream or vision with that prompt.
Challenge: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Spike, post-series finale reunion by [ profile] anrat Fall Fandom Free for All 2011

Roman Love by Cordy69

Rome wasn't any more fun the second time around... without having Angel to mess with, and laying low. He'd been looking for Buffy every night. She wasn’t partying, and she wasn’t slaying, considering the number of demons he’d killed since he arrived.

He wasn’t the Vampire she knew, not that he hadn’t changed all by his lonesome self before, but after seeing the final battles fought in Sunnydale and Los Angeles, his perception of life and what was worth doing changed. He used to live for the daily mayhem he could cause, he now lives for whatever small modicum of peace he could earn and savor.


Buffy drifted back in town. She had dropped the last contingent of trained young slayers and she was ready for a little me time. She wasn’t due back to the training facility until late the next day, so taking a stroll along the deserted alleys of the old town was a pleasure she wanted to enjoy.
The first vamp she met, she just played with him… Feinted left, kicked on his flanks, rushed him from behind, laughed at his vain attempts to counter the offensive and finally put him out of his misery. The pair she met a little later was more work, and she was happy to sweat it out, even though she was put on a hard spot more than once. They got a few good kicks between them and she would be sporting the bruises for quite a few days from it, but again there was a deep satisfaction for a job well done that only a slayer in her prime could appreciate.

The problem of course was the horniness… She was primed, needed the blood pumping in her veins to be rushing to assuage another yearning, a primal need she had first resented but learned to love and seek. If only Spike was here… He had a knack to deal with her, all rough and unguarded, treating her like his moon and his lover, his equal and his friend; Heady stuff, for sure.


There is a God! Can’t say who he is and how things work in his world but how else could you explain the way they crashed into each other at the next intersection?
Buffy had felt the tingle, her skin crackling, her nerve endings expanding towards that other, complementary part of herself that she had cut off a few long years ago.
Sunnydale was a story that happened to someone else. She had learned to love and to lose there. She had lived a whole life and more and welcomed the change. Here, in Europe, she was a new Buffy; A better Buffy; One that protects her heart and soul at all costs; One that is lonely.
She thought she could live for each day, stop wanting, stop missing and she was wrong. Spike was here, smiling at her. A little ragged around the edges but still making her heart skip a beat all the same. 
“Hello, Slayer!” Spike said and the thrill of hearing that cocky tone and strong accent still a pull…
“Spike! What are you doing here?” She whispered, after all with his hearing there was no reason to shout, he could hear what she said and read the nuances of what she wanted. What a paired match they made!
“Looking for you Buffy… Was missing you.” And Spike was already in her space, the knuckles of his right hand brushing her blushing cheek and twisting to push a strand of hair back behind the shell of her ear.
“I dreamed of you and woke up swearing to find you, to find us. And here we are; away from any distractions, away from painful memories. Just you and me.” He was whispering and peppering kisses along her jaw simultaneously and she felt herself melt. He was right, this was the best moment for them to meet and she couldn’t wait to see if the reality would live up to the memories.
She pushed him against the wall of an old stone building, the façade grey from pollution, not showing the glory of its past, unsure if they could rekindle the fires that burnt them through before or if it was even in their best interest to fuel that devastating passion. However, they were both people acting on events rather than over thinking and she had to kiss him.
He opened up for her, pleased she couldn’t stop from reaching out, thrilled that she wouldn’t try logic or some other external reason for not taking what she wanted, as long as she wanted him. The kiss was a clash of teeth, tongues dueling and stroking, rediscovering tastes and places both couldn’t forget, distance and time disappearing now that everything that ever mattered was in hand. They kissed for an eternity or two, hands roaming on the lithe bodies pressed together, coming alive, ready to come apart.
Spike couldn’t think of anything else but coming to completion in the warm and coveted body above him. She was so alive! So much more than his dreams; so much better than his memories and he was going to give it his all! He flipped her against the wall; none could be bothered with the sharper ages of some of the stones, with the cold air sweeping the city tonight, with the demons that may still be walking among their preys…  Now, it is all about them, their satisfaction and maybe later it would be about their contentment in each other arms if not their fulfillment, after all life had thrown enough curve balls in their paths, they knew not to take things for granted.
So he pushed her tank top higher, his clever fingers opening the button on the zipper of her leather pants, and caressed the smooth skin there, feeling the blood pounding underneath it, rushing south as fast as his borrowed blood did. Spike growled, lost in lust and fighting for some hold on it. Buffy wouldn’t let it happen though. Her hands were already in his pants, pulling his taught ass closer, grinding against his hard on, never happier for his billowing leather coat hiding them from view, giving them the privacy they need to focus on the rush they were experiencing. The vamp was ready to rip her clothes apart, he finally had his slayer in his arms, he pushed and pulled, leaving some marks where the satiny underwear got stuck and dragged on the beautiful thigh, he’d kiss it better later… Finally, probably with her help but Spike simply couldn’t remember how it happened, one of her legs was out, gloriously stripped and already bending behind his legs to keep them together. Buffy had as well managed to set him free, his pants pulling at his knees, his cock flushed with the fragrant core he wanted to taste. That was going to be for another time though, she flexed and he found himself lost. Using the wall to hold her, he put both of her legs on his forearms and raised her. One covered in leather, the other blissfully naked and displaying the pumping vein that lead his gaze to her core. She was open, inviting, eager and, he was a goner. The penetration rocked their world, filled a void they did not know needed filling and he swallowed her gasp, living off that stolen breath, taking it all in.
He had been rough going in, but he really wanted to make it slow and good for Buffy, he rolled his hips instead of withdrawing, pressuring her clit with his groin to come out of hiding; getting used to the tight pussy squeezing him rhythmically. She tried to move in counterpoint of what he was doing to increase the friction but he wouldn’t let it happen, Spike pinned both her arms above her head to make his point.
He rolled and twisted, relearning what his girl liked, and then she bit him, just enough to draw pearls of blood from his lips and he lost it. Pumping in and out of her welcoming core, he hiked her legs higher, dropping her arms from above her and hoping she would do something useful with them… However, he couldn’t be bothered anymore. Spike spread his blood on her cheeks and neck, licking and removing the traces all at the same time and then kissing love bites on her shoulders, slowing edging to nirvana and the blood calling to him, flowing fast and rich under her gossamer skin, potent as no other can be.
Buffy met him with the same frenzy. Biting, kissing, licking the sweat and blood that was so much a part of them, edging the vamp to give her his whole and feeling her body heating, knowing the spasms racking her body will soon undo Spike and she would be ready to explode. The passionate sex making this parody of a life a distant memory, everything now will be in vivid colors, in three dimensions, felt with all her senses again. She responded to the pounding with renewed vigor, bearing down on Spike, knowing he could support her weight and the energy she was throwing at him.
He did not hesitate and suddenly bit the column of her neck, right at the pulsing vein, gorging himself on her tasty blood, finding his purpose and his home. Her head fell back against the wall with a small thud, her expression turned dreamy and her hands came to his head, holding him there like a mother would of a new born that needs comforting; offering herself without reservation, trusting him with her life and her pleasures. Spike was close, between the nectar on his lips and the action down south he felt buzzed. There were no thoughts left in him, no desire and no dreams, he had everything he wanted right here and now. Shoving hard and up, he was able to nudge Buffy’s g spot on every stroke and that did it. She came with no reservation! Clamping on him, letting him stop the blood flow with gratifying licks and thrust into her, with satisfying strokes that filled her, with groans that meant thank you and more, I will never forget this and I want more, she went limp against the strong body holding her, kissing his jaw, waiting for the last of his tremors from his spent cock to stop, reassured on their bonds and simply hoping she can cling to this explosive relationship and to her man.

The End.

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks to A2h, I have entered my list of fun stuffs I hope will inspire someone and have to now roam 13 pages of comments to see how I will make someone happy:

Here is what I posted:

ICON: Angel the Series / Spike, Angel or Spike/Angel (not sharable)
BANNER: Angel the Series / Cordy/Angel
ICON: Angel the Series, SPN or Orignal / Spanking related (not sharable)
CD COVER: SPN / John and his Boys: the road so far...
ICON: SPN /John Winchester by himself or with his kids (not sharable)

FIC: CROSSOVER between SPN & ANGEL / Cordy/Dean meet in LA & NC-17, Snark and fun ensues
FIC: SPN / Sam and Dean are plagued by sexy dreams from the great beyond, Jess and Jo make them so hot in their dreams they don't know how to deal with the hours spent awake, how to talk to each others, why it is happening...
FIC: X-FILES / Imprisoned in a dysfunctional Utopia/Camp in a far away land, Mulder/Scully/Skinner must work together to survive and get back to sanity and DC.
FIC: SPN / It's Christmas Eve and Castiel is sharing cute/crack stories of young John, young Dean, young Sam to a fond Bobby while waiting for the boys to arrive to spend the holidays there.
FIC: CW RPS / J3 (ie JDM/Jensen/Jared) in which Jeff lives a D/s relationship with one boys and the second one must choose if he wants and can join in the open/loving/strict relationship the other already share.

Post is here You can participate here

The Free-For-All launches Thursday 22nd September.
Deadline for items is Friday 18th November. After this date no more requests can be made. Links to fanworks CAN be posted after 18th November, but I'd encourage you to try to finish on time.

I was blessed with two wonderful answers to my request HERE:

These John/JDM icons made by [ profile] dreamlittleyo
Those Spike/Angel icons made by  [ profile] turquoisetumult


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Oh my...

Look what I found in my mail today...

A beautiful fan-mix made just for me... well and John Winchester too!

The good hearted Phantisma had opened an online auction for folks on LJ to help this young homeless girl have a chance to bring her baby in this world with a bit of dignity and joy and I bidded for the first time ever.

The amazing [ profile] ldyghstwhisprer managed to get both my likes and needs in music and mix them with my vision of John Winchester in such a fabulous way, I am at awe.

She posted the work here: and I am posting the photo right now just for the pleasure I get from looking at it!

JW FanMix for Cordy69


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Guess what I got this morning?

Some specially made Art to help with my lack of imagination LOL

These beautiful J3 Wall/Banner/Icons were made by my dear friend Smut_Slut and rock my boat:
Honestly, the SPN Men rock!!!

And to stroke my inner Angel fan, Angelus2hot is giving me what I need to keep my het loves alive and kicking:
If you want to see some wonderful A/C and S/C, don't wait any longer...

Thank you girls, these are simply awesome!

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