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Title: I beg of you
Fandom: The Originals
Spanking Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Klaus Michaelson and Camille O'Connell
Type of Spanking: Stress relief spanking, Transformational spanking, Punishment spanking
Implement(s): n/a
Summary: Klaus takes the bull by the horns and decides to ask for the unthinkable...
Rating: PG
Word Count: 945 words
Notes & Warnings: This is at some point when they both recognize that something bigger exist between them but are not yet defined as the love story it really is. This is written for a letters' challenge open to all fandoms found at [ profile] spanking_world
Request: If inspired PLEASE write a fic for this and let me know :)

I beg of you... )

I do not believe I will have much more inspiration to write a full fic (after all this is the first work of fiction I put out in years), so please if this inspires you, I will be thrilled to read your take and ever thankful :)
Of course comments are welcome and appreciated ;-)
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To get into the spirit of Christmas we had a challenge at spanking_world that created plenty of fics and art... Here are mine :)

5 posters )

I hope it made you smile and that you all had great Holidays ~ Wishing you all the Best for 2014
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To participate in the challenge inspired by [ profile] thelittlespanko at [ profile] spanking_world I decided to use a small prompt table from [ profile] 100_tables and write 10 drabbles.
There are plenty more prompts to pick if you are inspired on that post at 100_tables

Here is the result, for those few following this journal, I hope you will find some enjoyable reads ♥

001. Melancholy 002. Anger 003. Happy 004. Lonely 005. Hungry
006. Confused 007. Excited 008. Guilty 009. Stressed 010. Weird

This table links to the spanking world posts, if you are not a member, as soon as I complete all ten, I will repost them here with a link as well :)

001. Melancholy BtVS 002. Anger Angel 003. Happy Angel 004. Lonely Supernatural 005. Hungry Teen Wolf
006. Confused Supernatural 007. Excited X-Files 008. Guilty Angel 009. Stressed Suits 010. Weird Tomorrow People

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Artist/Author: [ profile] always_angel & [ profile] cordy69
Type of work: Fiction
Title: Smoking Cigs means Smoking Butts
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Spanking Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Daryl Dixon/Chris Dixon (OC) Rick Grimes/Carl Grimes
Type of Spanking: Parental
Implement(s): Hand (Threat of belt)
Summary: Carl and Chris decide to explore the tombs and find some cigarettes and a lighter, and smoke.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3354
Notes & Warnings: AU
Spoiler up to: End of Season 3
Cross posted at spanking_world and on AO3

smokes... )

The story came to be from a role play chat we had, with no idea of the direction the story will take as we just wanted to get a feel for the characters.
I think it turned out surprisingly well and I thank always_angel for taking the time to clean out the final product so we could post this fic :-)
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Title: Hungry Like a Wolf
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Sheriff Stilinsky/Scott Mc Call
Rating: PG
Word Prompt: Hungry
Word Count: 100
Time Period: In the beginning...

The animal wants to rule and at first I let it be. The mind decided to get our body in control while the beastie sleeps.

But I need again to let it free and run in the deep cover of the forest as in the hidden recess of my mind. Ending up caught in a web of deceit, on the burning path of our suspicious Sheriff. He’d promised a major spanking to his son, Stiles, I’m fairly sure I’d then get one too.

That leather belt had become quite the vile contender to become number one on my shit list.

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title: Stressed Again
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Harvey/mike
Rating: PG-13
Word Prompt: Stressed
Word Count: 100
Time Period: About anytime really, cause that show brews conflicts up the wazoo... Could follow this story of mine written earlier this year: Risky Business.

Another fight with Rachel, with Louis, with Jessica and Mike couldn’t take it anymore; he couldn’t wait for the end of the day to rely on Harvey’s personal brand of help to decompress.

Almost certain he wouldn’t be able to seat comfortably the next day, he dug his behind on the leather chair in the empty office, relishing the luxury before the special fire only Harvey can ignite makes him forget about his worries, his mistakes, his stress and the pleasures of parking himself on any horizontal surface anytime soon.

Spankings sucked and Harvey’s more than he cared to acknowledge.

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt.
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Title: Professor Sidell, my Ass
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Gunn/fred
Rating: PG-13
Prompt Word: Anger
Word Count: 100
Time Period: Gunn finally understand that Wesley helped Fred send her old professor to the Pylea dimension, and he is not happy about it... Based on season 4 episode 7 called Apocalypse, Nowish.

Gunn was pissed! He had done everything he could for Fred and her desire for vengeance. And his best certainly hadn’t been good enough because the English certainly looked smug in the foyer, having provided her with a mean to the end, no matter the cost to each of their souls.

He could feel his anger rise and if she had been his sister, Gunn was certain that if he could have his way, Fred would be on his lap getting her ass paddled. Not that a spanking will entirely diminish his anger but at least he’d feel somehow vindicated...

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title: Can't BelieveThis!
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Dean with Lisa by Ben
Rating: PG-15
Prompt Word: Confused
Time Period: During the year Dean is spending with Lisa and Ben, things happen...

I heard the slaps and at first I just couldn’t figure out what the sound was. I was keen on fighting a new monster, now that Dean lived with us, so I grabbed my baseball bat and tiptoed in the hall trying to figure out where the sound was coming from.

I zeroed in on their bedroom! With my ear to the door I heard more slaps and some muffled groans. The sound hard to distinguish made it difficult to determine if the situation required my intervention. Intent, I listened and wondered if someone was getting spanked… Crazy, isn’t it?

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title: The Silent Break
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Oz/Willow
Rating: PG-13
Based on the Prompt : Melancholy
Time Period: Right before Oz and Willow separate on Buffy
Prompt Word: Melancholy
Word: 100

Oz had tried to get drunk but with the wolf metabolism it was becoming close to impossible.

He’d noticed Willow distancing herself, and didn’t have the courage to know-how to fight for their relationship. He’d always had an adventurous side, just hadn’t discovered the one he needed in the bedroom in a timely manner. Eager and yet afraid to explore, he, now, will always remember fondly the games with the flogger, fair skin turning pink and stripes worn with pride as was testing her and marking her.

He just feels such melancholy now, maybe he should write a goodbye song…

The End.

It's been ages since I thought of those two and it made me feel a bit of melancholy so that's why I went this route.
Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title:  A Hell of a Ride
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Rating: PG-13 (wording)
Fandom: Buffy/Supernatural
Pairing: Cordy/Dean
Word count: 1450
Summary: Dean and Cordelia are this hot couple in Sunnydale high-school, a little crazy, a bit carefree, until Dean does something stupid and Cordy has to react; surprising them both.
Prompt: In or Out of the Car & Fighting or Joyride & Ping Pong Paddle (wood & rubber)
Based on [ profile] spankedbyspike Blind Prompt Challenge: thanks for the push ♥
Crossposted at spanking world and AO3
This is my first ever Cordy/Dean, if you like it, don't hesitate to comment :)

A Hell of a Ride... )

So, I disappeared for my birthday to go on a retreat with my family and it was fun. I can't tell you how much I've missed you all, and I can't wait to catch up with all of you. I come bearing gift... A little story I scribbled on paper before retyping it, I can't remember the last time I wrote like that but I enjoyed myself with this and I hope you do to ♥
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Title: Morning Routines
Fandom: White Collar
Pairing: El/Peter
Rating: Teen
Warnings: none
Links: posted at [ profile] spanking_world for their first drabblefest

Morning Routines... )

The End :)
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Title: My Pledge to You
Author: Cordy69
Pairing: Jared/jensen
Rating: PG
Prompt by [ profile] itsmecoon found in the Battle of the Show thread
Word Count: 630
Beta: Thank you Sarah J
An hour a day, makes for a good drabble to give away J

My Pledge to You... )

I hope you enjoy this read :-)
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As Part of the 2013 [ profile] bdsm_fandom 4-sentence drabble-a-thon, one my prompt was filled :-) Thanks Selena ♥


March 23 2013, 12:52:38 Local1 week ago

White Collar & Supernatural Crossover Prompt: Neal is staying with Peter for the weekend and he is enjoying a Supernatural marathon... Peter points out that it is hard time the brothers get spanked for some stupid things he notice while the show is playing and Neal gets hot and bothered hearing him explain what should be coming their way...


March 23 2013, 14:27:36 Local1 week ago

Fill: White Collar/Supernatural, Neal/Peter

"If Sam and Dean were mine," Peter gestures at the TV, "and pulled stupid things like that, I'd know what to do with them - they want to behave like bratty kids, I'd treat them like kids and put them over my lap for a much needed spanking."

Neal has to fight not to squirm on the sofa, doesn't want Peter to notice how much he enjoys the pictures the other man is painting with his words, then Peter suddenly stops in his detailed description of just how he'd make sure that they'd not be sitting comfortable for days, and Neal can see from the corner of his eye that he's intently looking at him.

When he turns his head to look at Peter, he sees a dangerous glint in the other man's eyes; Peter pointedly looks down to where Neal's growing erection is way too clearly visible through his trousers and says with a challenging grin: "Maybe you would like a demonstration of how I can keep unruly boys in line."

Phew, that was hard to put into just four sentences... I hope it makes sense despite the very creative use of punctuation


March 23 2013, 17:44:20 Local1 week ago

I loooooove it. This is so much better than whatever was in my mind. Gosh, I'd want a long fic now... Perfect drabble, thank you!


March 24 2013, 03:40:56 Local1 week ago

        And I'm glad that you like it

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Title: Home Sweet Home
Author: Cordy69
Words: 124
For the AO 2013 Drabble-a-thon: Inspired by Ats – Lonely Hearts (week 1)
Crossposted at AO forum

It's reassuring to see a girl live like Cordelia... All my life, I've sucked at becoming the perfect guest at my girls’ places or be the perfect host in the holes I called home.
And here she is, a real stiffener, a walking wet dream matching my love for domestic chores and not even ashamed of admonishing me. Yes the maid took the day off alright, and I just feel so free to invite one at my own place... Honestly it can't be worse than here!

Of course, why bother going home when maybe, with some help from the brooding vampire there maybe I can get the girl sleeping at my side... Yes, that’s even less work! Hey! Of course I can dream!!!!

The End.
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Author: Cordy69

Type of work: Fiction

Title: Across the Universe

Fandom: Crossover NCIS, SGA, SPN

Spanking Characters: Tony/dean, Lorne/sam, Gibbs

Type of Spanking: Erotic

Implements: Hand, Flogger

Summary: In this Universe, Lorne is back on Earth (circa season 2 of SGA when the Ancients return to Atlantis) and is assigned to Gibbs working with the NCIS Team. At a weekend party he discovers an interesting side of his co-workers...

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 2492

Notes and Warning: Not Harsh at all... Originally posted at [ profile] spanking_world for their 2012 Holiday Exchange

Spoiler: Completely AU

Dedicated to: [ profile] sexycazzy who wanted any Erotic/Sensual spanking with any of those pairings: Stargate Atlantis: Lorne/any male (expect for Kavanagh); Supernatural: Sam/Dean; NCIS: Tony/Gibbs, Tony/Abby, Tony/Jimmy in that scenario: Dom(me)/sub universe where everyone are either a Dom(me) or a sub, first times, coming out to family/friends that the couple are in a D/s relationship… HAPPY HOLIDAYS SEXY!

Holiday Exchange Fic for Sexycazzy... )

Thank You for Reading!

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The wonderful Angelus2hot wrote this awesome story, just for my Birthday...

Isn't she the bestest?

The Story... )

If you like the story, don't hesitate to send your kudos her way, I am elated!

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For the Spring 2011 Story Tree at Whedonverse and Beyond

Title: Frenchied…
Author: Pat
Character(s)/Pairing: Dean Winchester (Supernatural Season 6 after The French Mistake)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 192
First Word: Jensen
Last Word: Harder
Summary: Dean has a hard time working the alternate reality presented to him by the side trip in the lives of his alter-ego.


Dean woke in cold sweats, taking a minute to set his bearings right. Sam was still asleep in the bed next to his; his knife was safely under his pillow, the salt lines are undisturbed along the window sill and the door. The eldest Winchester was still wandering what awoke him, and then the name again, a whisper in his muddled brain. Jensen.

He finally remembered the trip to Vancouver, the discovery of that alternate life in which Sam is an estranged friend, Ruby his wife, Castiel an actor. And their names… What the heck? What kind of name is Padalecki anyway?

Dean hates this other world, a world in which everything is askew, everything he has known a joke. Dean envies this Jensen. In his world, he could have cultivated a friendship and a different kind of love for his brother, that Jared.

He thought he had seen it all, Hell and Heaven, sorrow and joy but never would he have imagined a world in which his brother is an “other”, an entity living a separate life, becoming a sudden object of interest.

Could his life have sucked any harder?

The End.
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Title: Care Bear with Fangs
Author: Pat
Rating: PG-13 (for swear and erotic wording)
Word Count: 168
Character(s)/Pairing: Angel (circa AtS)
Summary: Angel is riling at the disparaging comment Cordy made about his virility (cough), ie his ability to be a big bad vamp.
First Word: Care
Last Word: Her

For the Spring 2011 Story Tree at Whedonverse and Beyond

Care Bear with fangs... Angel has fangs and he sure knows how to use them! People in the world still shiver over recounting of his exploits. He can't believe Cordelia went there, Care Bear with Fangs... He'll show her how he uses his fangs. On her long, elegant neck, on her white and firm breast, on her toned and creamy thighs... Fuck! He has to get out of this rut.

Cordelia is seating there at her desk; not a care in the world. Looking at the latest fashion issue of a magazine he is sure he is paying for. She is his friend, loyal, trustworthy, beautiful and honest. He supposes if he must face the reality, here is as safe a place to do so. Among friends, in the one place he can call home. Yeah, maybe he is Angel, the Care Bear with Fangs; Beats being Angelus and going on a bloody rampage. The world really ought to thank him! And, he sure ought to thank her!

The End.
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Title: Home is where your Team Is
First Word: Skin
Last Word: Home
Author: Pat
Rating: PG-13 (beware... of some bad words)
Word Count: 447
Characters/Pairing: Jayne, River (Firefly)
Summary: Jayne and River face off with a Reaver.
A/N: Set before the movie but after the TV Show.

This is for the 2011 Spring Challenge at Whedonverse and Beyond
This is another story inspired by the word SKIN from A2h story in the Story Tree


Read more... )

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Title: Comfort… a matter of opinion.
Author: Pat aka Cordy69
Rating: PG-13 mostly for language
Notes: Fluff story created as an answer to prompts (Hurt/Comfort; Angel & Cordy; Role Playing) from Hetapalooza at

"Angel, stop!" Cordy was exasperated. He had been fussing over her for every little hurt, every little bump. From the day she started working with him (and not for him as neither made a pretense of...), he'd been attentive and fussy.

Okay, this was another scrap, and truth be told she was happy with the attention. So much so, that in every bathroom of the building you could find aloe cream to soothe her skin, arnica gel for bruises, lavender scented candles she could have going on at a moments notice. The man definitively knew how to make her feel like a princess!

Anyway, that wasn't the point. The issue at hand is that he never, ever, let her take care of him. And… We are not even talking about basic patching up job here; we are talking about full blown nursing love.

"And why don't you lay down on the sofa close to my desk, Angel?"..."Would you like some more blood to drink, Angel?"..."Let me change your dressing Angel"..."Let's slow down on practice for today, Angel" type of care.

The man was a pain!

So, a new dawn has come. Angel had promised Cordy that she could play. And she knows it will be her way rather than the highway. It's role play time, buster! She had sent Wesley on an errand all the way to Santa Monica. The poor guy would be gone for the rest of the day. Lorne wasn't scheduled to stop by until the early evening and Fred couldn't wait to get to the Mexican cooking class that she'd signed her up for. She will be gone for at least two full hours. Since the stars are aligned in her favor, who was she to argue? Here she was, waking up her boss in the middle of the afternoon, ready to play pretend.


“Cor?" His voice was husky from sleep.

“It’s okay, Angel. I just wanna play a game.”

“Now?” He dropped his foot on the floor and while still seated moved to brush his hand through his bed hair in an attempt to feel and look almost decent. “Give me a minute and I’ll come check on you.”

The poor man still thought he was getting up at the ungodly time of 4AM for him just to help out, well as surprises go, why not?

He found Cordelia seating on the small sofa in Wesley office. For a moment he just stopped and looked at the beautiful woman that was the heart of this office. It’s never been about beauty. That had grown old centuries ago, but one needed to have an inner glow, that special little something. Dru had it, Buffy had it, Cordy had it. Like a moth to the flame, he couldn’t stop himself from going to them, making them suffer. He had sworn to himself, he wouldn’t repeat the pattern, he would be vigilant to Cordelia's well being and make sure nothing bad ever happened to his friends. Not under his watch; not anymore.

“Cordy?” his broken voice needed practice. It'd been ages, if one was to count, that he did not need to be up so early. She turned and gave him quite the thorough once over. He felt his skin prickle, something was odd and he was hard pressed to figure out what the problem was.

“Come here Angel and promise me something.” He felt even more at odds, hearing the sweet voice his seer was using. “Anything, Cordelia, what is it?” He couldn’t be more forward but he wanted to make sure, she’d know he was there for her.

“I want you. No. I need you to understand one simple thing.” She paused, as much for effect than for a slight need to regroup. “When you get hurt, I know you can recover quickly. I know the marvels of a good cup of O pos. I know that resting in the dark gives you the boost that you need, but none of those things makes me feel better.”

“But, shouldn’t you be happy, knowing I am getting better?” Angel was lost and a little bit hurt.

“No, doofus. I mean that I feel useless when you get hurt and I want to fuss around you, feel like I can make a small difference in your comfort, be there for you… The way, you’ve always been there for me.” She whispered, almost more for herself, a little unsure about why she needed this as much as the air she breathes. It’s not like Cordelia Chase puts that much value in other’s quality of life… Still, if Doyle’s sacrifice had taught her anything, it was definitively to seize the day, make a difference, care about others and most of all being aware of the needs of her family, mind their well being, mind his comfort.

Angel pulled his seer by the shoulders so she’d be flush to him and looked down at his right hand still fidgeting on his lap. He wasn’t sure what to say. He’d never been that good with words anyway, he could try though to hold things together.

“You want me to?” His voice croaked a bit. “… to slow my rate of recovery?”

She rolled her eyes as she punched his arm. Honestly, the man really was a doofus; Reason enough to slug him when he asked stupid questions! “Nooooo. I just want to savor the moments we have together, take my time to make sure you are alright, take more than a moment to make sure you know how much I care about you.” Cordelia turned slowly around and ducked a bit to see Angel’s perplexing expression. “You know… I want to help; I want to feel useful; I want you to appreciate me…”
Take time
The smile that spread across the vampire's face was a sight! “Are you fishing for compliments Cordy?” the snicker rumbled from his chest and blossomed into a full belly laugh. “Cor, I crave your attention! That is one thing you do not have to ask for. I’d stay in your arms for however long it takes to make me feel at home. I just didn’t know…”

“Well, I didn't know either, I just felt like I needed something, and couldn’t explain what.” She sighed. “You can stop laughing now, Mister. It's stopped being funny already!”

“C’me here” he said, reeling the seer to his side, trying as much as possible to melt her into his broad chest. “I promise to be the best patient you’ll ever have. No matter what.” And with a slow smile he deposited a small kiss on her forehead, following the brow below, until a similar smile brightened the face of his best friend. “And, I promise, I’ll be there for you!”

“Thank you.” and this time, she was the one leaving a chaste kiss on his temple.

The end (word count: 1146)

Thank you for reading!
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Wishful Thinking, by Pat
PG-13, Post Serenity movie

Whedonverse and Beyond challenge called FIREFLY GOES COUNTRY, found here:
Prompts: Inara, Jayne, bar, happy, drinking battle, you can’t make a heart love somebody, spanking

It is the first time. It could be the last. Not the drinks, those were flowing freely. They were on round three already, bubbles forming in their minds, clouds slowly settling and making all thoughts mellow. Jayne was drunk, not on alcohol; he needed at least a couple more of the hard liquor to get there. He was drunk on happiness. Same as the lady sharing the booth with him… Honestly, kicking Reavers asses is getting to become a habit, and a seriously exhilarating one at that.

Mal and Kaylee are out and about buying the parts they need to fix his baby. She did pull her weight and the battle was largely won on the skills of Zoe and the versatility and resilience of Serenity. More than respect, it’s reverence that the crew needs to show to that ship because she makes one hell of a last line of defense.

“To Serenity!” Jayne bellows.

“To Serenity” chuckles Inara.

She doesn’t know for Jayne but she is already getting a little tipsy. Happy though. They’ve traveled with fear for so long that seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is just overwhelming. Winning again felt good, it was giving everyone a slight hope that those badass Browncoats had survived for a purpose; there was a chance to real happiness out there for them.

Inara sputtered a bit, trying to choke down that last glass proved hazardous to her health. Still, she smiled, the burn was invigorating, there simply was no way to cap the joy inside her. Things had been better with Mal. Zoe had found the courage to continue without Wash, the gaping hole he left in their lives replaced by happy memories and discussions about the good times, the pranks, the memorable fights. Today, each of them was at a different place in their lives, more trusting of each other, more open in their friendship, better trained at defending themselves, smarter in their scheming.

The bar started to fill up; more drifters mingling with the tired locals, desperation dripping from the orders yelled at the bartender. Jayne and Inara looked way too cheerful, the newcomers were eager to reach that stage too. Business will be rocking tonight.

“One more, Nara?”

“I told you, I’d keep up with you big boy, fill it up!” she ordered the big man. Not that she wasn’t used to having her way with the manly men she hangs out with, between her training and her adventures with the guys, the question was could she out drink the biggest and baddest of them all? Probably not. But she will give it her best, that’s a certainty.

She tipped the glass on the side, tried to right it up, decided to bring it up to her mouth, ended lowering her face to the table to sip the sloshing liquid, not bothering with a toast anymore.
Jayne was laughing, getting drunk was definitely on his list of enjoyable activities, perverting the lovely Inara to his beloved past-time was just an added bonus worth remembering. If only he could be sure to remember this…

He knew in his heart of hearts that he will. After all, for years he’d hoped to spend some time with the girl his Captain had set his eyes on. She was pretty, she was kind, and she was quiet. The quietness was what really made him notice her. He could have pretty girls, once in a blue moon he could afford a companion, but he probably never could have a person that understands him and can provide the peace he needs between outbursts. He wouldn’t want to play kinky games like some of the men she meets in her line of work. This is not about spanking or silk cuffs… it is about finding a safe harbor. Sadly, this port has already been spoken for.

And… he remembers the old song his mom used to sing “you can’t make a heart love somebody”, yes, he surely can’t… but he will build memories and commit to his mind this moment as probably one of the happiest in his life.

“Are you sure you want to experience round five, sweetie?”

“Jayne, I’ll kick your ass, if you even start with the condescending tone.” She was giggling and he was cherishing every minute of it. An evening he will never mistake for the bar drawls Mal and Zoe attracts, an evening made for simple pleasures and dreams, an evening worth writing about to Mama.

The end.
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For the summer contest at Whedonverse and Beyond found here:

AtS, Wesley PoV, PG13
Word prompt: Complications
Mood prompt: Haunting
Expression: There is no comfort in the truth

What doesn’t Kill us makes us Stronger , by Pat (July 2009)

Do we really need the complication? I guess we are too jaded to care. I wanted to believe that I was better than Lilah Morgan that I will never stoop so low. As the head of the Wolfram and Hart division that poisoned our lives for the past couple of years, I've always seen her as a cold and evil bitch, that just happen to be disturbingly beautiful.

Complications, of course.

I fell of my high horse eons ago, learned to become part of the team, learned to lead a team, even learned to lose my team. Yes, no more high horses, no more prissy Wesley, no more know-it-all watcher Wyndham-Pryce. Facing this truth is the worse. No comfort can be had in any of the difficult memories built through the experiences I survived or the memories created as days pass by.

Lilah body was never cold, not when it was molding itself to mine. Her conversations were always challenging; for all the said and unsaid things that make our lives so unnatural. Her stunning body inspired quality wet dreams the likes I couldn't recall ever have.

So, I am a traitor, my perception of things is just one truth, not even a pretty one; just enough of a truth to create their own sets of complications I guess. Well I face my fears, my limitations, my mistakes and even my weird expectations, I’ll make Lilah happy. I already crave her body, and I will stand by her over the distrust our arrangement initiated, the conceit surrounding our failures, the vicious attacks always sent the way of those already bloodied and battered.

I will because what no one understands but her is that we are alike, like rabid little animals, kicked in the gutter and who learned to survive on scraps, to be cunning, to rely on strength nobody knew they developed. We are a surprisingly good fit together; on the opposite side of the tracks, but still the same side of the coin. So easy to miss, so easy not to recognize, so easy to mistrust and even easier to ignore once noticed. After all what do you expect from loners and nonconformists oddballs?

I like what we have with each other; I can live with the complications. None of this will deter me from doing what I believe is right, I suppose I just fail to see what is so wrong about our relationship…

The End (word: 417).

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Word prompt: ACCEPTANCE
Verse(s): BTVS/ATS
Rating: PG-13 for some language



How often can a beaten dog be kicked before he bites back? That will be the lesson of the day… At school, the bullies took turn to add to the lessons I was getting at home. What’s a little shove, or a little wedgie, when you’ve already had a bloody back?

I spit at the face of acceptance! I craved it like everybody else; I became a shadow of myself for the hope of some crumbs of it; I kissed way too many asses, told on way too many people, I even thought I loved. Once. The gutters weren’t deep enough for my shameful rebuttal, and still I did not get acceptance.

Today, I hold my spit for the one woman that gave it to me. She looked for me, she defended me, she enjoys me, she lives to do things with me and I accepted.

Now, she is the accepting light before the utter darkness, before the darkness I can dish out, before the world only see the monster in me, the monster I am, the monster they don’t realize is lurking in their backyard.

I am Spike.

(Word count 189)


Springtime Ficlets:

The purpose of this contest is to write 10 ficlets (each of 50 to 500 words) in one month. The contest starts on March 1st and end on March 31st, 2008. You can post your ficlet as you finish them or wait and post them all at the same time. Out of the ten required ficlets, two to five can be crossovers but all must be related to the Whedonverse somehow.
You will have a choice of 15 words and 15 photos as prompts. Each of your ficlet will need to prominently display how your prompt inspired your work. In any case, you only need to pick ten words and ten photos.

Everyone should present their ficlet in the following format:

Word prompt: ____________________
Photo prompt: ____________________
Verse(s): ________________________
Rating: _________________________
Title: ___________________________

Here are the 15 words used as prompts:
Seduction, Slutty, Truth or lies, Destiny, Sinner, Regret, Hunger, Magical, Drunk, Jealousy, Power, Acceptance, Dream, Dance, Temptation

Here are the 15 photos you can use as prompts:

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A Night Out (Firefly/Serenity verse)
Rating: PG-13, River POV
by Pat (June 0

Inspired by the Hans Chrstian Andersen (from Danemark) story called The Little Match Girl or the alternate title of The Little Match Seller published during the cold winter of 1845.


It’s cold,‭ ‬so cold‭; ‬so lonely and cold on this forsaken corner.‭ ‬I have been here for two hours already and nothing new happened.‭ ‬People do not look at me.‭ ‬I do not know if it is because they cannot see me or if it is because they do not care about anybody else not involved in the ever smaller sphere that revolves around their lives.‭ ‬Their pitiful lives.

None will know about the wonders I have seen,‭ ‬the forces we have‭ ‬vanquished,‭ ‬the evil that destroyed us.‭ ‬Lifetimes of explorations,‭ ‬all forms of escapades,‭ ‬some crazy,‭ ‬some inconsequential,‭ ‬some chattering,‭ ‬all of them linking me to the most exceptional individuals one can be associated with.‭ ‬My anchor had always been Simon.‭ ‬More than my brother he was my sanity.‭ ‬Since‭ ‬I could remember he always protected me,‭ ‬cherished me,‭ ‬encouraged me.‭ ‬And now, he is gone,‭ ‬the world took its cue and started the beating. Am I anything more than a shell tonight?

I have had nothing for so‭ ‬long, I cannot remember the feeling of warmth,‭ ‬of strength,‭ ‬of safety.‭ ‬Tonight,‭ ‬everything is festive,‭ ‬and nothing holds me to this place,‭ ‬to this humanity.‭ ‬I am going to light one of those small matches.‭ ‬They are soggy,‭ ‬from being in my pocket,‭ ‬from the humidity this morning,‭ ‬from the snow tonight.‭ ‬I took them from Simon‭ ‬room eons ago and he forbid me to play with fire,‭ ‬so I just kept them,‭ ‬warm,‭ ‬in my pocket.‭ Matches are rare nowadays, no one needs them, maybe it is why I was fascinated by this little box. They are mine now, ours.

The shadows elongate with the strong flame that appears,‭ ‬it’s not really warming me but how pretty it is‭! ‬Like a bright star in the darkened sky.‭ ‬Too soon,‭ ‬the flicker is gone and alone I am again.‭ ‬I want more of it,‭ ‬but Simon said not to play with fire‭… ‬My fingers freeze,‭ ‬my mind gets muddy so I start another match,‭ ‬the picture is even prettier,‭ ‬the flame is higher,‭ ‬the needles in my hands tingle but the smart pain is good and makes me feel alive again.‭

Was that a falling star I saw‭? ‬Captain told me once that those are so rare we should make a wish when we see one.‭ ‬What a good man,‭ ‬Captain Mal‭! ‬I will make a wish now,‭ ‬to the star falling in the sky,‭ ‬to the flame shimmering in my hands,‭ ‬I want to see my brother,‭ ‬again.‭ the darkness wins one more time, erasing the good memories awakening at the edge of my battered mind.

Miracles happens,‭ I am left aghast. Yes, ‬I kid not you, it feels as with the new light shinning between my hands, I want to see my brother, again. Miracles happen, and I promise you, Simon's beautiful face was looking back at me. He wasn’t even the serious Simon everyone knew,‭ ‬it was the engaging big brother that used to play with me behind closed doors.‭ ‬I laughed‭! ‬Like I forgot I could, just happy for the trick and the innate joy spreading through me.

The illumination disappeared again and I couldn’t rush enough to light the next match.‭ ‬And he was here again.‭ ‬I swear‭! ‬With a glitter in his eyes,‭ ‬the crooked smiled was inviting me already to join him.‭ ‬My laugh was cut short by a sob when I realized my brother wasn’t here anymore.‭ “‬Simon,‭ ‬please stay with me‭” ‬I thought from the depth of my soul and yet his face vanished one more time.

I can’t take it,‭ ‬all my matches are ready to be lit and for precious moments I forget about‭ ‬everything,‭ ‬the Serenity ship,‭ ‬the fights,‭ ‬the choices to make and those made. With a smile on my freezing face, I embrace the mirage,‭ ‬and start talking to Simon,‭ ‬reaching out for him,and ‭ ‬finding happiness one more time,‭ ‬oblivious to the mechanical and self-absorbed crowd,‭ ‬finally in tune with the important aspects of my life.

The next morning,‭ ‬the city cleaning crew number twelve reached a corner.

‭“‬What you got,‭ ‬man‭?” ‬the guy in orange overall yells from the truck.

‭“‬A dead one,‭ ‬bro.‭ ‬And pretty at that.‭ ‬What a sad world we live in!‭” ‬dejected,‭ ‬he crouch in front of the happiest dead body he’d ever disposed of.‭ ‬The smile frozen for eternity,‭ ‬the long hair shiny from the humidity,‭ ‬the dark eyes glossy but wide open as to marvel to something she can only see.‭

wonder what her name was‭” ‬he whispers,‭ ‬and with a mighty push of his legs he transfers the weight of the young girl and tosses her on top of the human pile.‭ ‬Morning cleaning up is a killer in this town,‭ ‬now his crew is ready to head to the river and throw the garbage out.‭

The End‭ (817 ‬words‭)


As a little commentary, I would like to thank Wereleopard to have come up with the idea for this contest. Thie particular story, because I don't call that a fairytale, has always been one of my most touching memory of story-telling time when I was a kid and it was interesting for me to rediscover it as an adult.
I've imagined about half of the members of the verse in this position and River came up as the most likely choice to generate a parrallel, it gave me a new vision of her character and actually a different appreciation as well.
Thanks to Tanya for her suggestions and to Sarah for findings the tidbits on the story I needed; girls, it is really appreciated!


Our dear friend and member Wereleopard suggested a new topic to our summer challenge: rewriting any Fairy tale of our choice with current characters from verses we love.
The fiction work can be as short or as long as you want. Try to stay as true as possible to the original direction of the tale, even if you want to take liberties with the format and story structure.

Present your work in the following format:
Title and author if known of original fairy tale
Title, your name, verse explored
text of the fic
Small commentary from you telling us what was particularly compelling in the fairy tale you pick or/and the story you wrote
To help you get started here are a few links that maybe useful. if you roam the net and find more places to add to this list please do not hesitate to post them in this thread.
Review and summaries of commonly known fairy tales:
All 209 fairy tales by the Grimm brothers:
Similar work for the tales by Hans Christian Andersen:
Here you will find fables, fairy tales and other nursery stories:

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