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Title: Playing House, the Adult Way ~ An X-Files Story
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Rating: NC-17 .
Warnings: Kinkiness with a dash of schmoop and romanticism
Word Count: 2753
Spoiler: Post Season 6 Episode 15 – Arcadia (stand alone)
Summary: After playing house in the Falls of Arcadia for their investigation, Mulder and Scully decide to give their couple a chance. It’s tentative, still very private and as with every new love filled with epic sex, angsty longings and intimate discoveries. This is the story of one such kink being explored to its fullest.
Dedicated to: [ profile] easyqueenie whose prompt at [ profile] xf_santa included “ I'm a fanfic junkie so I'd prefer fic; 99.9% of what I love is MSR If I'm reading NC-17 I tend towards BDSM kinks but I've dreamed of a Scully-in-a-chastity-belt fic for a few years now if anyone's up for that! I like my fics set in S6/7...
Author Notes: I wanted to really go towards the BDSM part mostly because I enjoy power play and spankings in fic but I had to concur I couldn’t ever remember seeing a chastity belt fic out there, no matter the fandom and decided to try for one and focus on that instead. It is the first time I wrote a fairly graphic Mulder/Scully story, I hope it still will be a nice read but if improvement [or follow up, lol] is needed I welcome con-crit :-)
Visual Aids available at the bottom of the post ♥
Special Thanks to the Organizers of the XF Santa Exchange, it's my only opportunity to challenge myself to write in the Fandom and rediscover what other fans have been up to, Thank You!
Finally kudos to the people that helped me make this little story better, [ profile] angelus2hot and [ profile] thelittlespanko whose x-files stories at [ profile] spanking_world do make the world a better place :D
Crossposted at original community, and AO3

Playing House, the Adult Way... )

When my computer crashed I lost the original picture that inspired  me during the fic, so I can't show it here but the following might help the reader imagine all the good fun one might have :)

Visual Aids NC17... )

Hope you enjoyed the read ♥

By the way, the wonderful present I received from [ profile] wendelah1 is 'THE' perfect missing scene for my lil romantic heart. It's a NC-17 story called A Merry Little Christmas, if you have a moment, please check it out :)
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March 17 2013, 10:07:08 Local

Any Fandom, M/M, That first time your partner/boyfriend/lover brings up the idea of kink or something kinky.


March 23 2013, 17:55:38 Local

FILL: That little ass of mine - Open Fandom

"And you'd be so tight, I'd thought I'd die and went to heaven!"

Yep, that's how he got me to give him my cherry, the second one, the one that just mentioning it in passing makes you feel bad, dirty and oh so kinky!

I knew he was an ass man, he'd always spent countless hours patting my behind, resting his hand over my rump, guiding me through throngs of people with his hand pushing down on the back pocket of my jeans, more often than not seating me on his lap for a kiss or two...

Last night, his mouth was where his heart was, paying homage to my firm globes, kneading them an opening me to the most luscious exploration I had ever been party to; my throat is still hoarse from the beginning an encouraging I did, his tongue is still exhausted from the licking and can I even mention the sucking?


March 23 2013, 18:00:48 Local

Very nice, great fill.

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March 7 2013, 04:10:40 Local2 weeks ago
NCIS/White Collar: Gibbs/Neal - Neal is dressed as a priest for an undercover op, Gibbs decides he needs some debauching.

March 23 2013, 12:42:13 Localhalf an hour agoEdited: March 23 2013, 12:45:16 Local
FILLED: Gibbs/Neal - Priest Kink - On the Edge in Public

Since they’ve commandeered the corner booth in the dark corner, Gibbs had coerced Neal’s big cock to life and kept it engaged and entertained for the last thirty minutes; the collar lining the neck of young Neal too tight to allow for the big gulps of needed air...

Food had been ordered and the meal almost finished before the warm hand keeping Neal hard and needy started pumping eagerly and making him squirm. He was afraid to come in the dark clothes of the trade, soiling them in bright white splotches of cum, but it wasn’t his decision to make; he fought his release hard until the savvy thumb of the officer latched on his slit and played with the wetness there; he was finally a relieved goner!

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Author: [ profile] cordy69
Type of work: Fiction
Title: A Valentine Celebration
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing(s): Damon/Elena
Summary: It’s the one day of the year, where none of them mind make each other happy… After all, fantasies are meant to be experienced
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1581 words
Notes & Warnings: BDSM between consenting Vampires’ Lovers.

Spoiler up to: Season 4 ~ Elena is a Vampire and lives with Damon
Dedicated to: The very patient J ie aquakitty1864 who wanted a nice sexy kinky fic with either some BDSM or/and some Master/slave story, for the great challenge launched by [ profile] azure_chaos at the cool [ profile] bdsm_fandom LJ.

A Valentine Celebration... )

Thanks for reading :-)

As part of the challenge the sweet aquakitty1864 did also write me a sexy story (with spanking too, lol) for the same pairing. if you are inspired please stop by and read her work, and comment (I am sure she will be thrilled). It's called Making her Human and it is fabulously sexy!
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Title: Roman Love
Author: Cordy69
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Words: 1755
Spike is back in Rome looking for Buffy with the hope of rekindling their relationship.
Note: This is the first time I tried writing this pairing, I hope the Spuffy afficionados will enjoy and even more I hope this is a good answer to [ profile] anr dream or vision with that prompt.
Challenge: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Spike, post-series finale reunion by [ profile] anrat Fall Fandom Free for All 2011

Roman Love by Cordy69

Rome wasn't any more fun the second time around... without having Angel to mess with, and laying low. He'd been looking for Buffy every night. She wasn’t partying, and she wasn’t slaying, considering the number of demons he’d killed since he arrived.

He wasn’t the Vampire she knew, not that he hadn’t changed all by his lonesome self before, but after seeing the final battles fought in Sunnydale and Los Angeles, his perception of life and what was worth doing changed. He used to live for the daily mayhem he could cause, he now lives for whatever small modicum of peace he could earn and savor.


Buffy drifted back in town. She had dropped the last contingent of trained young slayers and she was ready for a little me time. She wasn’t due back to the training facility until late the next day, so taking a stroll along the deserted alleys of the old town was a pleasure she wanted to enjoy.
The first vamp she met, she just played with him… Feinted left, kicked on his flanks, rushed him from behind, laughed at his vain attempts to counter the offensive and finally put him out of his misery. The pair she met a little later was more work, and she was happy to sweat it out, even though she was put on a hard spot more than once. They got a few good kicks between them and she would be sporting the bruises for quite a few days from it, but again there was a deep satisfaction for a job well done that only a slayer in her prime could appreciate.

The problem of course was the horniness… She was primed, needed the blood pumping in her veins to be rushing to assuage another yearning, a primal need she had first resented but learned to love and seek. If only Spike was here… He had a knack to deal with her, all rough and unguarded, treating her like his moon and his lover, his equal and his friend; Heady stuff, for sure.


There is a God! Can’t say who he is and how things work in his world but how else could you explain the way they crashed into each other at the next intersection?
Buffy had felt the tingle, her skin crackling, her nerve endings expanding towards that other, complementary part of herself that she had cut off a few long years ago.
Sunnydale was a story that happened to someone else. She had learned to love and to lose there. She had lived a whole life and more and welcomed the change. Here, in Europe, she was a new Buffy; A better Buffy; One that protects her heart and soul at all costs; One that is lonely.
She thought she could live for each day, stop wanting, stop missing and she was wrong. Spike was here, smiling at her. A little ragged around the edges but still making her heart skip a beat all the same. 
“Hello, Slayer!” Spike said and the thrill of hearing that cocky tone and strong accent still a pull…
“Spike! What are you doing here?” She whispered, after all with his hearing there was no reason to shout, he could hear what she said and read the nuances of what she wanted. What a paired match they made!
“Looking for you Buffy… Was missing you.” And Spike was already in her space, the knuckles of his right hand brushing her blushing cheek and twisting to push a strand of hair back behind the shell of her ear.
“I dreamed of you and woke up swearing to find you, to find us. And here we are; away from any distractions, away from painful memories. Just you and me.” He was whispering and peppering kisses along her jaw simultaneously and she felt herself melt. He was right, this was the best moment for them to meet and she couldn’t wait to see if the reality would live up to the memories.
She pushed him against the wall of an old stone building, the façade grey from pollution, not showing the glory of its past, unsure if they could rekindle the fires that burnt them through before or if it was even in their best interest to fuel that devastating passion. However, they were both people acting on events rather than over thinking and she had to kiss him.
He opened up for her, pleased she couldn’t stop from reaching out, thrilled that she wouldn’t try logic or some other external reason for not taking what she wanted, as long as she wanted him. The kiss was a clash of teeth, tongues dueling and stroking, rediscovering tastes and places both couldn’t forget, distance and time disappearing now that everything that ever mattered was in hand. They kissed for an eternity or two, hands roaming on the lithe bodies pressed together, coming alive, ready to come apart.
Spike couldn’t think of anything else but coming to completion in the warm and coveted body above him. She was so alive! So much more than his dreams; so much better than his memories and he was going to give it his all! He flipped her against the wall; none could be bothered with the sharper ages of some of the stones, with the cold air sweeping the city tonight, with the demons that may still be walking among their preys…  Now, it is all about them, their satisfaction and maybe later it would be about their contentment in each other arms if not their fulfillment, after all life had thrown enough curve balls in their paths, they knew not to take things for granted.
So he pushed her tank top higher, his clever fingers opening the button on the zipper of her leather pants, and caressed the smooth skin there, feeling the blood pounding underneath it, rushing south as fast as his borrowed blood did. Spike growled, lost in lust and fighting for some hold on it. Buffy wouldn’t let it happen though. Her hands were already in his pants, pulling his taught ass closer, grinding against his hard on, never happier for his billowing leather coat hiding them from view, giving them the privacy they need to focus on the rush they were experiencing. The vamp was ready to rip her clothes apart, he finally had his slayer in his arms, he pushed and pulled, leaving some marks where the satiny underwear got stuck and dragged on the beautiful thigh, he’d kiss it better later… Finally, probably with her help but Spike simply couldn’t remember how it happened, one of her legs was out, gloriously stripped and already bending behind his legs to keep them together. Buffy had as well managed to set him free, his pants pulling at his knees, his cock flushed with the fragrant core he wanted to taste. That was going to be for another time though, she flexed and he found himself lost. Using the wall to hold her, he put both of her legs on his forearms and raised her. One covered in leather, the other blissfully naked and displaying the pumping vein that lead his gaze to her core. She was open, inviting, eager and, he was a goner. The penetration rocked their world, filled a void they did not know needed filling and he swallowed her gasp, living off that stolen breath, taking it all in.
He had been rough going in, but he really wanted to make it slow and good for Buffy, he rolled his hips instead of withdrawing, pressuring her clit with his groin to come out of hiding; getting used to the tight pussy squeezing him rhythmically. She tried to move in counterpoint of what he was doing to increase the friction but he wouldn’t let it happen, Spike pinned both her arms above her head to make his point.
He rolled and twisted, relearning what his girl liked, and then she bit him, just enough to draw pearls of blood from his lips and he lost it. Pumping in and out of her welcoming core, he hiked her legs higher, dropping her arms from above her and hoping she would do something useful with them… However, he couldn’t be bothered anymore. Spike spread his blood on her cheeks and neck, licking and removing the traces all at the same time and then kissing love bites on her shoulders, slowing edging to nirvana and the blood calling to him, flowing fast and rich under her gossamer skin, potent as no other can be.
Buffy met him with the same frenzy. Biting, kissing, licking the sweat and blood that was so much a part of them, edging the vamp to give her his whole and feeling her body heating, knowing the spasms racking her body will soon undo Spike and she would be ready to explode. The passionate sex making this parody of a life a distant memory, everything now will be in vivid colors, in three dimensions, felt with all her senses again. She responded to the pounding with renewed vigor, bearing down on Spike, knowing he could support her weight and the energy she was throwing at him.
He did not hesitate and suddenly bit the column of her neck, right at the pulsing vein, gorging himself on her tasty blood, finding his purpose and his home. Her head fell back against the wall with a small thud, her expression turned dreamy and her hands came to his head, holding him there like a mother would of a new born that needs comforting; offering herself without reservation, trusting him with her life and her pleasures. Spike was close, between the nectar on his lips and the action down south he felt buzzed. There were no thoughts left in him, no desire and no dreams, he had everything he wanted right here and now. Shoving hard and up, he was able to nudge Buffy’s g spot on every stroke and that did it. She came with no reservation! Clamping on him, letting him stop the blood flow with gratifying licks and thrust into her, with satisfying strokes that filled her, with groans that meant thank you and more, I will never forget this and I want more, she went limp against the strong body holding her, kissing his jaw, waiting for the last of his tremors from his spent cock to stop, reassured on their bonds and simply hoping she can cling to this explosive relationship and to her man.

The End.

Thanks for reading!

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Title: My World unfolds in Dreams
First Word: Skin
Last Word: Fore
Author: Pat
Rating: NC-17 (seriously not work safe)
Word Count: 337
Characters/Pairing: Angel/and the female character of your choice in BtVS and AtS
Summary: Angel is already aware of the curse, he somehow manage to still bed one of his love….
A/N: Set sometimes in AtS.

This is for the 2011 Spring Challenge at Whedonverse and Beyond
This is another story inspired by the word SKIN from A2h story in the Story Tree

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As part of the 2010 Spring contest at whedonverseandbeyond called Firefly Goes Country, here is my last entry, hope you have fun reading it!

Title: Kids, do not do this at work!

Author: Pat aka Cordy69

Firefly NC-17 (Simon/Kaylee)

Prompts: Simon, Kaylee, engine room, exhausted, formal dinner, on the road again, blinfold


Kids, do not do this at work!
by Pat

The subdued musical notes were floating from the kitchen and reaching the recesses of the ship, lulling the exhausted bodies trudging together in the engine room to rest. The space was small, as safe to Kaylee as Simon’s arms, smelling of grease and engines and simply representing home and shelter. The formal dinner that got all of the crew dressed on their nines sapped all their energies; the two lovers barely made it back and crashed in the room that made Kaylee the happiest. Simon tie was simply hanging around his neck; the first three buttons of his shirt were undone, his cufflinks gone. Kaylee dress was bunched up high on her thighs, her dress shoes discarded a few feet away, and the matching purse abandoned not far. Her hand searched for his, and with strength she now completely associated with the man that stole her heart he pulled her to him, the defined and lean muscles molding to her soft body and kissed her with the passion of a starving man. He knew how to help her unwind; almost as much as another trip with her baby, Serenity. It was fitting in a way to have the chorus of On the Road Again, that old earthly tune saved by Jayne, playing through the speakers spread throughout the craft. She wanted to be in the air already, luckily Simon could give her the same feeling, right here, right now.


The kisses they shared were sweet and she was ready to surrender to the man holding her, but he suddenly took a step back, a hand on Kaylee’s hip to steady her and a small smile pursing his full lips.


“Close your eyes, baby.”


“Simon?” and after a beat Kaylee added “Why?”


“Just follow my lead, will you?”


She was a little surprised, nothing in his usual demeanor ever hinted at him being able to surprise someone or have the guts to order anyone around, but his tone broke no argument so with a sigh she let her eyes flutter close.


He put his tie around her expectant face and attached it under the bun she had created earlier without any harsh or brusque movement. She could see a small ray of light if she focused her gaze down but nothing else. He slipped behind her and with the deft fingers that made him such a successful surgeon he started removing her garments, slowly and methodically, letting the fabrics fall softly along her taut body, and caressing her curves with his warm hands.


Wavering a little, she set her own hand on the one he had left on her thigh and aligns her body to his, resting her full weight on him and taking pleasure in the feel of the fully clothed man covering her naked form. For a moment the only sound she could hear was her own labored breathing, then the song came alive as his fingers, playing a new symphony on her bust, each nipple invited to join the music and excited to be taking care of with so much attention. She undulated slowly against Simon and felt him become rigid behind her that alone made her wet, ready for him, eager to be pleasured.


He stood back, left her standing alone, naked, shivering and anxious. She waited, trying to hear everything she couldn’t see. The point though was that Simon was awfully silent. So she imagined what he was doing instead. Maybe he was opening up his shirt, letting his pants fall down, and stroking himself, all for her. Of course, when she felt the ice traveling lightly on her taut midriff, dripping short little drops in the curly hair hiding the path to her core, she couldn’t hold her position and jumped a little to the side, away from the strong arm ghosting in front of her.


“Simon! Quit it!” she yelped a little breathless, still shocked by the change of temperature.


“Shh…” and then a swipe of a rough tongue over her navel made her swing the other way.


His hands came to hold her in place and through the small slit underneath the make shift blindfold she could see the black mop of hair closing in on her. Kaylee felt her thighs being nudged open and those gorgeous lips of his closing in on her excited clit, peeking from her folds eager to be tasted and enjoyed. Her man, so did not disappoint! Shuddering, she laid her hands on his shoulders, leaning slightly to keep her stance, keening lowly while whispering encouragement to Simon, shifting non-stop to find and then keep the most satisfying position she could find.


Kaylee couldn’t believe how much Simon had changed in the few months they’ve been together. He wouldn’t have been caught dead making love outside of the privacy of their rooms, he wouldn’t have initiated any games in their place of work, and he certainly wouldn’t have gone down on her in such an impetuous way. Gee, what a way to make himself irreplaceable.

It was getting hard to not shove back to gain some momentum, she wasn’t even sure if she was supposed to come, or beg for permission.




“Hush baby.”


And with a simple unexpected rotation of his wrist, he pushed his thumb inside her while grounding her with his opposite hand not letting her lift to her toes and escape the penetration. The rhythm of his touch became more insistent, opening her up and letting her own wetness trickle on his fingers, coating them enough that he managed to remove his thumb and instead reinsert his two longest fingers. Simon took his time scissoring them and finally finding the one spot sure to make her explode like a powerful firecracker on New Years eve. He knew she was close and wanted to hold her just a little longer on the edge. Leaving his questing fingers inside her, he rose to his feet and opened his fly. Going commando had its advantage… With a single shove he seated himself as far as he could go, both hands now steadying her smaller frame, holding her close to him, using the impetus to pressure her clit from the outside while driving her crazy from the inside. They were loud, uncaring of who could hear them or catch them. Their movements found the right pace, strong and fast, a steady progression towards a conflagration of pleasure, cutting them at the knees, taking any energy they might have left away with the white sparks obstructing their vision, leaving through the rivulets of sweat covering their entwined bodies, blanking their minds and yet they were still standing, embracing with all their worth, kissing deeply, foregoing the overrated need to breathe.


Embedded in his love, Simon finally registered that his fly was probably chaffing her soft thighs, the buttons of his dress shirt were probably marking her fair skin and yet there was something primal about taking her like this, while still being fully dressed, watching her while keeping her blind. Gosh, how he loved Kaylee, witnessing her passion for her work or their lovemaking is simply one the most amazing thing he’d ever seen and memories he will always keep close to his heart.


With a final grunt, he managed to push them against a wall and slowly let her slide along his side, holding to him for dear life, breathless and flushed.


“I love you.”


“I love you more.”





The End.

(word count: 1241)
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A Morning Wood by Pat (December 2009)

SPN ~ Dean and Sam Winchester ~ NC-17

The Story )

The winter light filtered bleakly through the semi closed curtains and it took a moment for Sam to get his bearing. His left side was comfortably warm and a heavy weight was settled on his groin. With clouds still firmly settled in his sleepy brain he went to move a little and was stopped by a contraction on his prick.

Ooooh Damn, it felt so good. Opening an eye, he notices the strong hand lying over his boxer and finally becomes aware of his brother sleeping against him.

Fuck! With an economy of movement learned through years of practice he tries to turn a little on his side and spy if Dean is awake. Nothing. Not a movement of the eyelid, a change in breathing pattern, he appears dead to the world, except his freaking grabby hand!!!

Sam lays back his head against the pillow and tries to think. Of course who can think when your brother hand is fondling you in his sleep? So, not trying to think then... Move? His hips jerk a little to dislodge the hand seating on the cotton and again the fingers play grab the rod and hold him in place.

Gee, now? Really? Yep, his cock is growing of its own accord, responding greedily to the pressure.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m a dead man! Lifting his pelvis slightly, hoping to dislodge the hand, Sam tilt to the opposite side of his brother and without real momentum get stopped again by the palm pressing on his balls and the long warm fingers holding on to their prize. Heck weren’t those his jewels? Bad, bad Dean. Huh… Oh, man!

His pulsing shaft loved it! Can’t believe that little collaborator, enjoying itself, dripping pre-cum, what next? Coming? From his brother fondling him in his freaking sleep? Well if he has no choice, Dean’s asleep anyway, isn’t he? And with that decisive thought he let himself be, opened both eyes while leaning towards his big brother still happily resting and with a silent sigh moved a little in the hand palming him so well. The feeling is amazing. The soft cotton slides lovingly against his sensitive shaft and the fingers closing on him are doing so with enough strength that it impedes his upcoming spurting. Sam is now definitively horny and clearly becoming mad with need.

He pushes up again and the fingers release him, for a second, before closing in again for the kill. It feels incredible. Those trusted and gifted fingers go for a sweep, a thumb brushing against the weeping head of his throbbing shaft, and he can’t hold the full body shiver cursing through him. The whimpering is held back by sheer force of will. The panting breathing pattern is short and choppy but hushed enough that the room is still dwelling in a quietness and stillness that keep the curious happening from taking shape into the full kink it really is.

The dampness spreading on his boxers made the friction even hotter, the thumbing working it out is relentless and from the end of his toes to the top of his spine he could feel an electric current taking hold of his body. Sam did not know if he needed to try to stand down and breathe deep or pump like a madman in his brother fist. The choice was taken from him when Dean’s hand picked up the rhythm, pulling on the stretched boxer, and heavily petting the engorged member Sam couldn’t control.

Sammy held his breath, his mind blank, his cock pulsating matching the quick tempo of his beating heart, drowning all noise and awareness not related to his pleasure. The tightness in his balls became unbearable and with a long exhale he surrendered, his over stimulated prick growing in size, filling the firm hand helping him ride the bliss. His spurting emissions ended up confined to the drenched underwear but nothing could take away the joy found in this morning out of the world stimulation.

Sam closed his eyes, an arm abandoned over his face, the other still crushing the t-shirt his brother wore to bed, his heartbeat slowly calming, his thoughts reshaping themselves and little by little finally making sense.  The sharp intake of breath and quick rise of Dean definitively sped up the process. Leisurely raising his arm enough to push the bangs of his face, he opened both bedroom eyes and caught the surprised look on Dean expressive features. His expression was priceless, he glanced at his wet hand and then at the relaxed pose of his baby brother and then again to his sticky fingers.

“What the fuck?” he blurred. “Sammy, what happened?” Dean managed in a cracking, still sleepy voice.

 “Dunno” Sam answered mutedly. And then he added “but it was good man. I swear.”

“Get in the shower, freak!”Ordered a stupefied Dean finally cleaning his hand on his crumbled pajama top. And Sam had enough of an incentive not to wait for his brother to repeat the command; he gingerly left the bed and headed towards the little bathroom completing the small hotel room they managed to rent late last night. With a slump in his shoulders Dean sat back on the lone bed furnishing the room and looked around trying to get his own bearings back.

The End.

Word count: 907

Thank you for reading, and any comment is welcome!

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BtVs – School Hard ~ NC-17 ~ Willow, Cordelia ~ 1450 Words ~ November 2009

Dedicated to Angelus2hot who decided to challenge me in writing something I had yet to do: slash!

No harm intended, no profit made, these characters are simply borrowed from Joss and associates for a little innocuous fun.

The Softer Side of Cordy, by Pat.

Cordelia and Willow were huddled in the closet and whispering about the events in the high school. Being vamp bait is all good and dandy, but what if Buffy couldn't fend off the group led by Spike. He seemed bad enough, all by his lonesome self, a bloodthirsty team could maybe overpower the slayer?

Read more... )

Prayers were obviously necessary but smart girls won't let chance decide how well the night might end. With slow and almost silent movements, the girls left the closet, and reached the large row of windows that let in the light cast by the huge full moon outside. It gave them plenty of luminosity to see where they were going and how to stay in the darkest shadows, away from all the commotion.

Sliding through one of the window, they fell into the gardenias planted along the edge of the school. Deciding to mask their scent as much as possible, they rolled into the muddy ground without any compunction about their standing and their outfits, being alive was the order of the day, well night if you want to be technical.

It took them 40 minutes to reach Cordy's house, the closest to the high school. No light greeted them but the alarm system was up and about, and that was the best reassurance they needed. Closing the door quickly, they ran through the residence to insure that all entrances were locked and finally with heavy sighs, they settled themselves in the kitchen to regroup.

It's not the bathroom spaces missing in the house that left them still crowding the beautiful and huge bathroom located in Cordy's room, it's the fear of being separated in case of an attack. The girls gave themselves privacy in disrobing from the filthy garments; Willow went for the shower, while Cordelia sank into a scented bath quickly drawn.

For the next twenty minutes, the girls pampered themselves, and almost exited at the same time. Lost in fluffed towels, they sat side by side in front of the mirror to dry and brush their long hair. For the first time ever, Willow and Cordelia who have known each other for years spent some meaningful time together, discussing the softer side of Sears like friends rather than enemies. Peaceful and yet exhilarating these moments of shared friendship easily broke most barriers erected by each to protect them from the worries of the so important school popularity.

“Wow, I never realized how much volume your hair has, Willow” said Cordelia, impressed.

“Well, it does but I don’t know how to manage it, so I’d rather hide than try to deal with it. But, I really love what you do with yours… It is so soft, can I touch it?” Will replied, turning on her side to face the cheerleader.

“Sure, it’s really all in the conditioning, you know. Not blow drying your hair, using the right brush. Here let me show you.” And with a tender touch, Cordelia raised a few locks of red hair and let them flow through her slender fingers. Standing slowly behind the shorter girl, she took her favorite wood brush and cut a line in the wonderful mass of hair in front of her. Brushing the end slowly, she made sure that she wouldn’t hurt Willow before going after the total length of each strand. Minutes passed, in silence, Willow following the lead of Cordy soft hands, leaning left or right as needed. The beautiful red highlights shining in the light taking the volume Mother Nature intended, soft to the touch. Cordelia dropped the brush and just used her hands to comb through the lustrous hair. She’d never been so engrossed by someone else like now. Every movement was hypnotic, calming them equally.

Willow leaned back, against the taller girl, the robe covering her smooth skin, opening the V covering the valley of her breasts in a very inviting way. Cordy’s eyes dropped and for the first time she realized how enticing Willow’s body really was. She quickly raised her gaze and was captured by the gleaming one Willow threw her way in the mirror. Time stood still.


The cheerleader’s hand slowly glided towards the swell of her friend’s breast, curious and unsure but not able to stop herself. Willow’s shiver was a wakeup call for both girls, and Cordelia withdrew her hand with a gasp. Standing straight, Willow looked up at Cordy and caressed her arm, stopping at the beautiful curve of the shoulder and then continuing with a slight hitch to rest on the rosy cheek until a smile came to rest against her palm. She responded in kind.

Willow picked Cordy’s hand and led her to the bed; they sat in harmony facing each other and tried for a tentative kiss. A simple breath mingling and then the two girls were kissing, wet mouths sliding against each others, sharp teeth clashing, supple tongues searching and battling each others. The intensity of their flight from the school, the fears they harbored, the resentment and snapping all disappeared under the intensity of the embrace. Falling on their side, their hands entered the play, a cautious pat here, a hesitant stroke there, all ending in a full body hug, where both girls could finally feel the malleable and velvety body of the other.

Dropping the towels and the robe, the girls caught the first glimpse of the other body and curiosity as well as excitement won over the passionate kiss. Each eager to map the body of the other, letting their fingers progress over the delicate skin, following the bend of a knee, the camber of a back, the curvature of an ass, the arch of a neck. And then a lick on an extended nipple, a suck and Willow was a goner. It’s like Cordy knew exactly the pressure she needed, the touch she yearned for, the places on her body that demanded attention. She felt compelled to reciprocate but Cordy wouldn’t let her, too engrossed in her exploration to give room to Willow’s own. The red head slumped down on the bed, opening her arms and her body to the passionate journeying the cheerleader was doing. Cordelia had a way with her hands and her mouth that she definitively was never given credit for. And Willow melted, reaching for Cordy’s hand and lowering it on her clit, she let her own fingers delve into herself, playing along her inner tune, sharing her pleasure without restriction and responding without inhibition to the cheerleader’s forward ministrations. She came. No, she shattered.

Cordy didn’t let her rest; she was primed for some action of her own and went back to kissing Willow. The satiated girl plumped her friend’s breast and started working over the excited nipples begging for attention. Scrapping the underside, she played with each wonderful globe until Cordelia was writhing underneath her. The kiss was still not broken, but sweaty skins were in full action, Willow knee applying pressure where needed, her mouth descending along the jaw line and worrying the gentle lobe of her ear, until the poor girl arched against her, trying to coerce Willow to give her the orgasm she needed so much. It wasn’t happening yet for the simple reason that Will was still learning to read the brunette’s body; but, she was getting there. Two fingers were playing against the wet labia, opening the fleshy lips, inserting themselves and making slow incursions deeper and deeper in the cheerleader’s core. Willow could now feel the pressure exerted by her friend inner muscles rippling first lightly and then more and more robustly as the orgasm finally took the young girl away.

Overwhelmed and not the least intimidated, both girls dropped onto their back, looking at the white ceiling, struggling to get their breathing in control and understand what happened. It just was so good between them; should there be another test to evaluate the possible outcome of any relationship? Could they even envision something like this?

Cordy spoke first. “We can’t let the other’s know.”

“Why?” whispered Willow.

“Because I don’t even know what happened, and I just don’t want to have to figure it out under their scrutiny” was the rarely given lengthy explanation.

“Oh, well, you are probably right,” whispered Willow. “Can I stay for the night?”

“Yes, you can. I’d love to have us waking up together.”

And with an economy of movement due to the shared boneless feeling induced by the earlier play they leisurely settled underneath the blankets and within each other arms.

Tomorrow will be a new day, who knows maybe even a new era.

The End.

Thank you for reading...

Thanks for nominating this story at the latest round of Sunnydale Awards found here:
And... oh my gosh this story won!!! I'm not making it up... My first foray into Femslash and people loved it and voted for it? Amazing!
Winner Banner
Thank you to the dear little angel that nominated me at Round 7 of Running with scissors. Here is the nominee list:


Yeah!, I just got nominated at Round 1 of Hellmouth Awards specializing in rare pairings! Wish me luck...

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These are the first posters I tried to create, not fantastic from an artistic point of view but at least I got inspired by the messages! LOL

Check the Whedonverse inspired Posters... )

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Yeah! I've been nomiated at Round 25 of Sunnydale Memorial. Let's hope people will like this story!

Extasy, BA style, by Pat
(August 2009)

Prompts: Scent * Happiness is like the future, it’s for later * Horny
BtVS - Angel PoV - Pairing: Buffy/Angel - NC-17 for sexual situation and language

For the Summer 09 Contest at Whedonverse and Beyond found here:


Extasy! I thought bedding the slayer was the pinnacle until I almost died.

I had forgotten how it feels to experience your existence slowly fading away; your memories colliding in your jumbled mind faster than you can process them, miss them or try to hold onto. The poison is seizing every one of my muscles, cramping were it shouldn’t, squeezing the life out of me from the tip of my limbs to my sluggishly beating heart. I haven’t felt so helpless since the last beating I got from Father, almost 300 years ago?

A vampire, a Master, a ruthless sucker, dying a slow and painful death, not in battle but in malice… Alone, in a pain I haven’t imagined in ages and suddenly pleasure, untold bliss, the purest blood of all coursing in my clogged-up veins.

It wasn’t about taking a big gulp of air, no, it was about drinking, as fast and as much as my damaged brain cells could order my parched lips to guzzle the nectar of the gods, the blood of my slayer, the juice of life that can save me.

What started like frenzy finally became the sensual ride it almost always is. I could finally think, move, feel alive again. The curves pressed against my thoracic cage at last registered and the pants moving air by my left ear finally reaches my brain. My wits and my erection ultimately join forces to bring me back in the present; fully.

One hand is now strong enough to reach Buffy’s neck and hold her to me. The other sneaks between our bodies and busy itself on the plump nipple standing to attention. A bump and grind later just to give me the parameters of our positions and I align myself a little better to cop a feel. Who am I kidding; I am primed for sex, heavy duty sex. I am hungry on so many levels; Buffy can’t imagine what’s in store for her.

I stop feeding; lick the little drops, kissing the nook of this lithe and beautiful neck, sucking the wonderful earlobe north of it, ending in the glorious mouth that years earlier had transformed me and brought the prospect of finding love and a purpose to my broken soul. It was heavenly. I deepened the kiss and couldn’t seem to get enough of the sweet supple lips following my lead. Both hands went to frame the tiny waist of my slayer and without giving her an option I lined up our bodies, I couldn’t think and tried to undress both of us with eager and weak fingers. It wasn’t quite working but luckily she understood my distress and needs and picked up where I left. Deftly my pants were pushed down, I was never happier to go commando… Her underwear was shoved away even faster. My fingers could now explore the wetness coating her entrance, my whole focus on the sweetest and most precious part of herself, my cock twitching in its eagerness to impale that softness on me. I work the third finger in her body, feeling her riding me, the fluttering increasing in her core and I snapped taking my fingers out and shoving my cock in here. It wasn’t gentle but my whole body was now trembling. The need to be in Buffy, in her warmth, was overriding any thoughts and needs I may have had.

It was like butter! Thrusting in the tight channel was fantastic, not as good as those first swallow of blood few minutes earlier, but the best thing on earth since. I still can’t think straight, so I withdraw and she is holding on, squeezing these wonderful muscles around me, I cave and push back; she raises herself with all the strength of a slayer and slams back on me, now I am in heaven. I hold her there and twist, it’s like her whole body vibrates, and I don’t think I simply raise my head enough to kiss her again, half upright with her on my mid-section, giving herself to me, like I am giving myself to her.

It’s a dance I had practiced often but the slayer is just learning, and what a learner she is. The energy between us is sizzling, she is possessed, I am too. My balls are so tights I know I can’t last but her quivering state is a balm to my splintered psyche letting me know our excitements is reaching its pinnacle. Now I am shoving into Buffy with a driving force only seen when I lose control and come when she falls in my arms spent, closing over my spurting cock. The mind blowing sex saps the last of my oomph and I pass out, so much exercise cannot be so good for my recovery I suppose.

The end (word:801)

The Lesser of two evils is still EVIL!
Thank you DamnSkippy for this beautiful banner!

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This is an incomplete work that needs work, however I am posting here everything that I have so far so I can think about fixing the development, characterization and conclusion later on.

Nominated at Sunnydale Awards (Fall 2011)

Beigy and Smutty, by Pat
Title: Beigy and Smutty
Author: Pat aka Cordy69
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3119

Prologue and Chapter One ... )
{C}The Challenge Summary by Cyd
the complete post can be read here:

The ATS team tried the same spell Willow used to bring Cordy back.

Season 5 setting of course. The following points are essential:

1. We're talking dark beige Angel, murky brown even
3. Angel accepted W & H's offer on the condition of Connor's new life and Cordelia being 'cured'
3. In exchange they got what they'd always wanted, Angel under their control
4. The cookie dough incident was Angel being...well Angel, selfish and insecure. With him believing it was Cordelia doing all those things, he was desperate to hold onto his past with Buffy even if it was his second choice.
It's not Willow's spell that brought Cordelia back. The Powers sent her to fix the damage Angel cause by opening the realm between them and The Senior Partners, and to get Angel back on track one last time.

Whether she remains afterwards or returns is up to her, but until she gets Angel back to helping the hopeless she's stuck on planet earth.

Seeing everything that happened after Skip duped her, Cordelia is royally pissed.    And though she recognizes her responsibility in making bad choices, she has no intentions of forgiving Angel…again.  Too many bad choices.  So Cordelia has to deal with her anger while convincing Angel why he should return to the mission.

If she can’t, The Powers won’t let her back in.  And for now Cordelia wants to leave LA and Angel as quickly as possible.

Angel’s argument, if Cordelia wants him to be a champion again then there has to be something in it for him and he's not willing to wait for the shanshu The Powers kept dangling in his face.

Angel's condition for their renewed alliance; every time he deals with a vision they have sex and the word no isn't allowed. Whatever he wants he gets.

Now how will Cordelia ever get back to the higher realm and away from the vampire that part of her now despises if she has to be around to deliver sexual payments?

Of course, the usual arguments. Buffy, Groo and icky Connor, Gwen, Eve, Nina; it’s all fair game.  And all the while boundless sex. It gets to the point that Cordelia is torn about wanting to have a vision. The sex is great but how long can she endure all night sex marathons.  Of course along the way, Angel mellows, Cordelia mellows and love is admitted.

Round 8


Jun. 30th, 2009 07:08 pm
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Word prompt: DREAM
Photo prompt: Single Tree with light coming from beyond and Moon Picture with bird in front

Verse(s): ATS
Rating: NC-17

Title: BRAZIL…by PAT

Oh, the sweet lips! They are covering my parched ones and give me so much more than hope. A breath of life infusing me with the blood I need to rise everywhere where it counts.

My hands frame her body, the amazing curves and commit her to my mind. My mouth tries to share my newfound beliefs with Cordelia and she leans even more into me. There is no part of my body that is not recharged by the contact.

Long lost electrons finally fires up in place of my brain that haven’t had a straight thought in weeks maybe even months. A hint of darkness tries to permeate my consciousness but I’d rather die than let it surface.

Tonight, she is reaching out to my belt, and I can’t stop moving to her imposed rhythm. I want fulfillment, even if on the edge of my fractured vision, fishes swim, and break my concentration. I focus, tonight I may have sex.

And in reality, the power of the mind is the only things that give me now a sense of sanity.

Word count: 181.


Springtime Ficlets:

The purpose of this contest is to write 10 ficlets (each of 50 to 500 words) in one month. The contest starts on March 1st and end on March 31st, 2008. You can post your ficlet as you finish them or wait and post them all at the same time. Out of the ten required ficlets, two to five can be crossovers but all must be related to the Whedonverse somehow.
You will have a choice of 15 words and 15 photos as prompts. Each of your ficlet will need to prominently display how your prompt inspired your work. In any case, you only need to pick ten words and ten photos.

Everyone should present their ficlet in the following format:

Word prompt: ____________________
Photo prompt: ____________________
Verse(s): ________________________
Rating: _________________________
Title: ___________________________

Here are the 15 words used as prompts:
Seduction, Slutty, Truth or lies, Destiny, Sinner, Regret, Hunger, Magical, Drunk, Jealousy, Power, Acceptance, Dream, Dance, Temptation

Here are the 15 photos you can use as prompts:

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Word prompt: SEDUCTION
Photo prompt: Black and White Church
Verse(s): FIREFLY
Rating: NC-17


I’ve been seduced before, and I have dome my share of seducing but what Nara is doing to me goes so much beyond. Every time she graces us of her presence, the bridge is a brighter place and my pants a tighter one… It’s corny and yet it doesn’t fail.

It’s not like she struts her stuff as the old saying was going but there is a subtle line to her neck that begs to be exposed. The slight movements of her skirt uncovering the most beautiful ankles I ever saw, and I wasn’t even a leg man! The whisper of her voice is sending the most erotic image of deep throating to my perverse mind, and her luminous eyes looks at me in such a mysterious way, I keep believing that she visualizes herself in a lively exploration of the whole Kama Sutra with me. That one never gets old… at least in my dreams.

The point is that Inara is just so much better than I am at seducing. It’s not that it is work for me but it is not the sum of who I am. She breathes seduction, and because of it, she got not just my heart, not just my soul, not even just my love, she has my total devotion.

Word count: 216


Springtime Ficlets:

The purpose of this contest is to write 10 ficlets (each of 50 to 500 words) in one month. The contest starts on March 1st and end on March 31st, 2008. You can post your ficlet as you finish them or wait and post them all at the same time. Out of the ten required ficlets, two to five can be crossovers but all must be related to the Whedonverse somehow.
You will have a choice of 15 words and 15 photos as prompts. Each of your ficlet will need to prominently display how your prompt inspired your work. In any case, you only need to pick ten words and ten photos.

Everyone should present their ficlet in the following format:

Word prompt: ____________________
Photo prompt: ____________________
Verse(s): ________________________
Rating: _________________________
Title: ___________________________

Here are the 15 words used as prompts:
Seduction, Slutty, Truth or lies, Destiny, Sinner, Regret, Hunger, Magical, Drunk, Jealousy, Power, Acceptance, Dream, Dance, Temptation

Here are the 15 photos you can use as prompts:

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A Sunnydale Interlude

Doomed [Het]
Winner: purplefeen - A Very Good Girl [NC-17]
Runner up: mabel_marsters - Witch Way Round? [NC-17]
Unsung Hero: perverted_pages - The Pack, my version [NC-17]
Blood Donor: cordy69 - A Sunnydale Interlude [NC-17]
Thank you for the honors and everyone, don't forget to check the other stories too!

Nominated at Sunnydale Awards (Fall 2011)

Author: Pat
Title: A Sunnydale Interlude

Posted: July-August 2006
Rating: NC-17, BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Cordy

Summary: The interlude is set in School Hard (BTVS), moments before Spike and Buffy will fight on the school ground. Willow and Cordelia are hiding in the janitor closet, praying to survive the night and their lives take a different turn before resuming with the canon created by the show.
Set: BTVS S2 - includes Spike, Cordelia, Willow
Disclaimer: Characters are copyrighted by their respective owners, I am just borrowing them for a non-commercial fun.
Note: I just discovered this great Spike oriented archive with a listing of all known C/S fics the owner could find. if you are inspired or have submissions to make please check this link:
Feedback: Would love some, heck I may even send some virtual chocolate or whiskey your way if it will help...
Dedication: For Ficbitch82, it was refreshing to see that much eagerness for more Spike/Cordelia work and to A2h for opening your heart to all those ships... Thank you to Christie for the gracious and useful help and to Lysa for the great beta work you did. I couldn't havbe been more satisfied of that first try (in that ship), and it's all thanks to you two.

Read the story ... )

Also part of round 6 of the Running With Scissors Nomination:

As well, this story has been nominated along other fictions of mine in Round 11 of Fang Fetish Awards

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