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Artist/Author: [ profile] always_angel & [ profile] cordy69
Type of work: Fiction
Title: Smoking Cigs means Smoking Butts
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Spanking Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Daryl Dixon/Chris Dixon (OC) Rick Grimes/Carl Grimes
Type of Spanking: Parental
Implement(s): Hand (Threat of belt)
Summary: Carl and Chris decide to explore the tombs and find some cigarettes and a lighter, and smoke.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3354
Notes & Warnings: AU
Spoiler up to: End of Season 3
Cross posted at spanking_world and on AO3

smokes... )

The story came to be from a role play chat we had, with no idea of the direction the story will take as we just wanted to get a feel for the characters.
I think it turned out surprisingly well and I thank always_angel for taking the time to clean out the final product so we could post this fic :-)
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Title:  A Hell of a Ride
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Rating: PG-13 (wording)
Fandom: Buffy/Supernatural
Pairing: Cordy/Dean
Word count: 1450
Summary: Dean and Cordelia are this hot couple in Sunnydale high-school, a little crazy, a bit carefree, until Dean does something stupid and Cordy has to react; surprising them both.
Prompt: In or Out of the Car & Fighting or Joyride & Ping Pong Paddle (wood & rubber)
Based on [ profile] spankedbyspike Blind Prompt Challenge: thanks for the push ♥
Crossposted at spanking world and AO3
This is my first ever Cordy/Dean, if you like it, don't hesitate to comment :)

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So, I disappeared for my birthday to go on a retreat with my family and it was fun. I can't tell you how much I've missed you all, and I can't wait to catch up with all of you. I come bearing gift... A little story I scribbled on paper before retyping it, I can't remember the last time I wrote like that but I enjoyed myself with this and I hope you do to ♥
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Title: The very Picture of Penance
Author: [ profile] cordy69
and [ profile] spankedbyspike
Characters: Angel/lindsey, Spike
Word count: 2654 Words
Rating: PG15 Rating for harshness and elements of humiliation
Type of spanking: Hand and Belt spankings
Thanks to [ profile] angelus2hot for the lovely read work and spanky in particular for the Awesome collaboration.
Notes and Summary: In season 5 of Angel the Series, Angel finds out Lindsey has been impersonating Doyle, his fallen guide, to get Spike to do his work for him and dividing the team at Wolfram and Hart. The vampire is angry and enrolls Spike to deal with the situation... You wouldn't want to be Lindsey...
Dedicated to: [ profile] spankingfemme for her belated Birthday present. We all wish you the Best ♥

Luv U by delayed poet

The Very Picture of Penance... )
We Hope you had the Most Wonderful Birthday and that this little story will bring a smile to your face even if it is a bit late :-)


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Title: The World is a strange place
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Fandoms: Crossover between BtVS and Torchwood
Characters: Ianto/jack, Buffy/faith
Implement: Hand
Word Count: 1889 words
Warning: Loosely happening at the end of the show Buffy when Slayers end up in Europe and sometimes when Ianto was still alive in Torchwood. No major spoiler.
Rating: PG
Buffy and Faith are in the UK dealing with demons on the other side of the pond when they stumble upon the Torchwood Hub and are privy to a discipline session between Jack and Ianto that inspire them.
Crossposted at AO3 and spanking_world
Dedicated to [ profile] darkwingduckie7 for her Birthday. Hope you will enjoy this little work, wishing you the BEST!!!!

The slayers had never seen a place like this. It was oddly cozy, the smell of good coffee permeating all the office space and then, the unthinkable: rows of cages containing Monsters of all shapes, incredible apparatus of an unknown future all over the place; an unbelievable world that made coming to the UK more than a necessity.

Buffy was ready to call in Giles but Faith was still exploring, dropping carelessly on cots, chairs, touching anything and everything; a little bit like Goldilocks testing the lives and belongings of all three bears... Buffy couldn’t yet tell who the Bears were going to be but she was fairly confident she didn’t want them to find the Slayers here without a better understanding of what this HUB was and how related to their role as slayers it was.
She called on Faith to join her back and get the hell out of dodge now that they cased the place.
The World is a Strange Place... )

Comments are love :-)
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Author: [ profile] cordy69
Type of work: Fiction
Title: A Valentine Celebration
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing(s): Damon/Elena
Summary: It’s the one day of the year, where none of them mind make each other happy… After all, fantasies are meant to be experienced
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1581 words
Notes & Warnings: BDSM between consenting Vampires’ Lovers.

Spoiler up to: Season 4 ~ Elena is a Vampire and lives with Damon
Dedicated to: The very patient J ie aquakitty1864 who wanted a nice sexy kinky fic with either some BDSM or/and some Master/slave story, for the great challenge launched by [ profile] azure_chaos at the cool [ profile] bdsm_fandom LJ.

A Valentine Celebration... )

Thanks for reading :-)

As part of the challenge the sweet aquakitty1864 did also write me a sexy story (with spanking too, lol) for the same pairing. if you are inspired please stop by and read her work, and comment (I am sure she will be thrilled). It's called Making her Human and it is fabulously sexy!
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Author: Cordy69

Type of work: Fiction

Title: Across the Universe

Fandom: Crossover NCIS, SGA, SPN

Spanking Characters: Tony/dean, Lorne/sam, Gibbs

Type of Spanking: Erotic

Implements: Hand, Flogger

Summary: In this Universe, Lorne is back on Earth (circa season 2 of SGA when the Ancients return to Atlantis) and is assigned to Gibbs working with the NCIS Team. At a weekend party he discovers an interesting side of his co-workers...

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 2492

Notes and Warning: Not Harsh at all... Originally posted at [ profile] spanking_world for their 2012 Holiday Exchange

Spoiler: Completely AU

Dedicated to: [ profile] sexycazzy who wanted any Erotic/Sensual spanking with any of those pairings: Stargate Atlantis: Lorne/any male (expect for Kavanagh); Supernatural: Sam/Dean; NCIS: Tony/Gibbs, Tony/Abby, Tony/Jimmy in that scenario: Dom(me)/sub universe where everyone are either a Dom(me) or a sub, first times, coming out to family/friends that the couple are in a D/s relationship… HAPPY HOLIDAYS SEXY!

Holiday Exchange Fic for Sexycazzy... )

Thank You for Reading!

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Title: Disciplined for his Own Good

Author: [ profile] cordy69

Story created for the Spanked Spike Fic/Artathon created by [ profile] whichclothes

Prompt: (22) Angel/Spike - Angel proves that while he may have a soul now, he is still not above disciplining his boy. Prompt is one of sixty-three that can be found here:

Rating: PG-15

Warning: Double spanking, second one could be considered extreme for some…

Word: 2689

Disciplined for his Own Good by Cordy69

Spike was finally ready to leave the private room at the hospital he had recovered in from his tragic encounter with Dana, the damaged slayer. More than the physical trauma, he still almost feels a phantom cut in his arm, it’s the realization that this world was just fucked up, and he, Spike was part of the imbalance.

Spike thought he had made peace with his past deeds years earlier, finding love again with Buffy, working on getting his soul back, fighting the good fight, but Dana brought forth all the little details he had so easily discarded, the deaths that hadn’t mattered, the broken victims he had left behind, and brought forth a desire to maybe get involved into building a better future out there, for those that have no voice, no hope, no options.

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The wonderful Angelus2hot wrote this awesome story, just for my Birthday...

Isn't she the bestest?

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If you like the story, don't hesitate to send your kudos her way, I am elated!

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Title: Comfort… a matter of opinion.
Author: Pat aka Cordy69
Rating: PG-13 mostly for language
Notes: Fluff story created as an answer to prompts (Hurt/Comfort; Angel & Cordy; Role Playing) from Hetapalooza at

"Angel, stop!" Cordy was exasperated. He had been fussing over her for every little hurt, every little bump. From the day she started working with him (and not for him as neither made a pretense of...), he'd been attentive and fussy.

Okay, this was another scrap, and truth be told she was happy with the attention. So much so, that in every bathroom of the building you could find aloe cream to soothe her skin, arnica gel for bruises, lavender scented candles she could have going on at a moments notice. The man definitively knew how to make her feel like a princess!

Anyway, that wasn't the point. The issue at hand is that he never, ever, let her take care of him. And… We are not even talking about basic patching up job here; we are talking about full blown nursing love.

"And why don't you lay down on the sofa close to my desk, Angel?"..."Would you like some more blood to drink, Angel?"..."Let me change your dressing Angel"..."Let's slow down on practice for today, Angel" type of care.

The man was a pain!

So, a new dawn has come. Angel had promised Cordy that she could play. And she knows it will be her way rather than the highway. It's role play time, buster! She had sent Wesley on an errand all the way to Santa Monica. The poor guy would be gone for the rest of the day. Lorne wasn't scheduled to stop by until the early evening and Fred couldn't wait to get to the Mexican cooking class that she'd signed her up for. She will be gone for at least two full hours. Since the stars are aligned in her favor, who was she to argue? Here she was, waking up her boss in the middle of the afternoon, ready to play pretend.


“Cor?" His voice was husky from sleep.

“It’s okay, Angel. I just wanna play a game.”

“Now?” He dropped his foot on the floor and while still seated moved to brush his hand through his bed hair in an attempt to feel and look almost decent. “Give me a minute and I’ll come check on you.”

The poor man still thought he was getting up at the ungodly time of 4AM for him just to help out, well as surprises go, why not?

He found Cordelia seating on the small sofa in Wesley office. For a moment he just stopped and looked at the beautiful woman that was the heart of this office. It’s never been about beauty. That had grown old centuries ago, but one needed to have an inner glow, that special little something. Dru had it, Buffy had it, Cordy had it. Like a moth to the flame, he couldn’t stop himself from going to them, making them suffer. He had sworn to himself, he wouldn’t repeat the pattern, he would be vigilant to Cordelia's well being and make sure nothing bad ever happened to his friends. Not under his watch; not anymore.

“Cordy?” his broken voice needed practice. It'd been ages, if one was to count, that he did not need to be up so early. She turned and gave him quite the thorough once over. He felt his skin prickle, something was odd and he was hard pressed to figure out what the problem was.

“Come here Angel and promise me something.” He felt even more at odds, hearing the sweet voice his seer was using. “Anything, Cordelia, what is it?” He couldn’t be more forward but he wanted to make sure, she’d know he was there for her.

“I want you. No. I need you to understand one simple thing.” She paused, as much for effect than for a slight need to regroup. “When you get hurt, I know you can recover quickly. I know the marvels of a good cup of O pos. I know that resting in the dark gives you the boost that you need, but none of those things makes me feel better.”

“But, shouldn’t you be happy, knowing I am getting better?” Angel was lost and a little bit hurt.

“No, doofus. I mean that I feel useless when you get hurt and I want to fuss around you, feel like I can make a small difference in your comfort, be there for you… The way, you’ve always been there for me.” She whispered, almost more for herself, a little unsure about why she needed this as much as the air she breathes. It’s not like Cordelia Chase puts that much value in other’s quality of life… Still, if Doyle’s sacrifice had taught her anything, it was definitively to seize the day, make a difference, care about others and most of all being aware of the needs of her family, mind their well being, mind his comfort.

Angel pulled his seer by the shoulders so she’d be flush to him and looked down at his right hand still fidgeting on his lap. He wasn’t sure what to say. He’d never been that good with words anyway, he could try though to hold things together.

“You want me to?” His voice croaked a bit. “… to slow my rate of recovery?”

She rolled her eyes as she punched his arm. Honestly, the man really was a doofus; Reason enough to slug him when he asked stupid questions! “Nooooo. I just want to savor the moments we have together, take my time to make sure you are alright, take more than a moment to make sure you know how much I care about you.” Cordelia turned slowly around and ducked a bit to see Angel’s perplexing expression. “You know… I want to help; I want to feel useful; I want you to appreciate me…”
Take time
The smile that spread across the vampire's face was a sight! “Are you fishing for compliments Cordy?” the snicker rumbled from his chest and blossomed into a full belly laugh. “Cor, I crave your attention! That is one thing you do not have to ask for. I’d stay in your arms for however long it takes to make me feel at home. I just didn’t know…”

“Well, I didn't know either, I just felt like I needed something, and couldn’t explain what.” She sighed. “You can stop laughing now, Mister. It's stopped being funny already!”

“C’me here” he said, reeling the seer to his side, trying as much as possible to melt her into his broad chest. “I promise to be the best patient you’ll ever have. No matter what.” And with a slow smile he deposited a small kiss on her forehead, following the brow below, until a similar smile brightened the face of his best friend. “And, I promise, I’ll be there for you!”

“Thank you.” and this time, she was the one leaving a chaste kiss on his temple.

The end (word count: 1146)

Thank you for reading!
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BtVs – School Hard ~ NC-17 ~ Willow, Cordelia ~ 1450 Words ~ November 2009

Dedicated to Angelus2hot who decided to challenge me in writing something I had yet to do: slash!

No harm intended, no profit made, these characters are simply borrowed from Joss and associates for a little innocuous fun.

The Softer Side of Cordy, by Pat.

Cordelia and Willow were huddled in the closet and whispering about the events in the high school. Being vamp bait is all good and dandy, but what if Buffy couldn't fend off the group led by Spike. He seemed bad enough, all by his lonesome self, a bloodthirsty team could maybe overpower the slayer?

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Prayers were obviously necessary but smart girls won't let chance decide how well the night might end. With slow and almost silent movements, the girls left the closet, and reached the large row of windows that let in the light cast by the huge full moon outside. It gave them plenty of luminosity to see where they were going and how to stay in the darkest shadows, away from all the commotion.

Sliding through one of the window, they fell into the gardenias planted along the edge of the school. Deciding to mask their scent as much as possible, they rolled into the muddy ground without any compunction about their standing and their outfits, being alive was the order of the day, well night if you want to be technical.

It took them 40 minutes to reach Cordy's house, the closest to the high school. No light greeted them but the alarm system was up and about, and that was the best reassurance they needed. Closing the door quickly, they ran through the residence to insure that all entrances were locked and finally with heavy sighs, they settled themselves in the kitchen to regroup.

It's not the bathroom spaces missing in the house that left them still crowding the beautiful and huge bathroom located in Cordy's room, it's the fear of being separated in case of an attack. The girls gave themselves privacy in disrobing from the filthy garments; Willow went for the shower, while Cordelia sank into a scented bath quickly drawn.

For the next twenty minutes, the girls pampered themselves, and almost exited at the same time. Lost in fluffed towels, they sat side by side in front of the mirror to dry and brush their long hair. For the first time ever, Willow and Cordelia who have known each other for years spent some meaningful time together, discussing the softer side of Sears like friends rather than enemies. Peaceful and yet exhilarating these moments of shared friendship easily broke most barriers erected by each to protect them from the worries of the so important school popularity.

“Wow, I never realized how much volume your hair has, Willow” said Cordelia, impressed.

“Well, it does but I don’t know how to manage it, so I’d rather hide than try to deal with it. But, I really love what you do with yours… It is so soft, can I touch it?” Will replied, turning on her side to face the cheerleader.

“Sure, it’s really all in the conditioning, you know. Not blow drying your hair, using the right brush. Here let me show you.” And with a tender touch, Cordelia raised a few locks of red hair and let them flow through her slender fingers. Standing slowly behind the shorter girl, she took her favorite wood brush and cut a line in the wonderful mass of hair in front of her. Brushing the end slowly, she made sure that she wouldn’t hurt Willow before going after the total length of each strand. Minutes passed, in silence, Willow following the lead of Cordy soft hands, leaning left or right as needed. The beautiful red highlights shining in the light taking the volume Mother Nature intended, soft to the touch. Cordelia dropped the brush and just used her hands to comb through the lustrous hair. She’d never been so engrossed by someone else like now. Every movement was hypnotic, calming them equally.

Willow leaned back, against the taller girl, the robe covering her smooth skin, opening the V covering the valley of her breasts in a very inviting way. Cordy’s eyes dropped and for the first time she realized how enticing Willow’s body really was. She quickly raised her gaze and was captured by the gleaming one Willow threw her way in the mirror. Time stood still.


The cheerleader’s hand slowly glided towards the swell of her friend’s breast, curious and unsure but not able to stop herself. Willow’s shiver was a wakeup call for both girls, and Cordelia withdrew her hand with a gasp. Standing straight, Willow looked up at Cordy and caressed her arm, stopping at the beautiful curve of the shoulder and then continuing with a slight hitch to rest on the rosy cheek until a smile came to rest against her palm. She responded in kind.

Willow picked Cordy’s hand and led her to the bed; they sat in harmony facing each other and tried for a tentative kiss. A simple breath mingling and then the two girls were kissing, wet mouths sliding against each others, sharp teeth clashing, supple tongues searching and battling each others. The intensity of their flight from the school, the fears they harbored, the resentment and snapping all disappeared under the intensity of the embrace. Falling on their side, their hands entered the play, a cautious pat here, a hesitant stroke there, all ending in a full body hug, where both girls could finally feel the malleable and velvety body of the other.

Dropping the towels and the robe, the girls caught the first glimpse of the other body and curiosity as well as excitement won over the passionate kiss. Each eager to map the body of the other, letting their fingers progress over the delicate skin, following the bend of a knee, the camber of a back, the curvature of an ass, the arch of a neck. And then a lick on an extended nipple, a suck and Willow was a goner. It’s like Cordy knew exactly the pressure she needed, the touch she yearned for, the places on her body that demanded attention. She felt compelled to reciprocate but Cordy wouldn’t let her, too engrossed in her exploration to give room to Willow’s own. The red head slumped down on the bed, opening her arms and her body to the passionate journeying the cheerleader was doing. Cordelia had a way with her hands and her mouth that she definitively was never given credit for. And Willow melted, reaching for Cordy’s hand and lowering it on her clit, she let her own fingers delve into herself, playing along her inner tune, sharing her pleasure without restriction and responding without inhibition to the cheerleader’s forward ministrations. She came. No, she shattered.

Cordy didn’t let her rest; she was primed for some action of her own and went back to kissing Willow. The satiated girl plumped her friend’s breast and started working over the excited nipples begging for attention. Scrapping the underside, she played with each wonderful globe until Cordelia was writhing underneath her. The kiss was still not broken, but sweaty skins were in full action, Willow knee applying pressure where needed, her mouth descending along the jaw line and worrying the gentle lobe of her ear, until the poor girl arched against her, trying to coerce Willow to give her the orgasm she needed so much. It wasn’t happening yet for the simple reason that Will was still learning to read the brunette’s body; but, she was getting there. Two fingers were playing against the wet labia, opening the fleshy lips, inserting themselves and making slow incursions deeper and deeper in the cheerleader’s core. Willow could now feel the pressure exerted by her friend inner muscles rippling first lightly and then more and more robustly as the orgasm finally took the young girl away.

Overwhelmed and not the least intimidated, both girls dropped onto their back, looking at the white ceiling, struggling to get their breathing in control and understand what happened. It just was so good between them; should there be another test to evaluate the possible outcome of any relationship? Could they even envision something like this?

Cordy spoke first. “We can’t let the other’s know.”

“Why?” whispered Willow.

“Because I don’t even know what happened, and I just don’t want to have to figure it out under their scrutiny” was the rarely given lengthy explanation.

“Oh, well, you are probably right,” whispered Willow. “Can I stay for the night?”

“Yes, you can. I’d love to have us waking up together.”

And with an economy of movement due to the shared boneless feeling induced by the earlier play they leisurely settled underneath the blankets and within each other arms.

Tomorrow will be a new day, who knows maybe even a new era.

The End.

Thank you for reading...

Thanks for nominating this story at the latest round of Sunnydale Awards found here:
And... oh my gosh this story won!!! I'm not making it up... My first foray into Femslash and people loved it and voted for it? Amazing!
Winner Banner
Thank you to the dear little angel that nominated me at Round 7 of Running with scissors. Here is the nominee list:


Yeah!, I just got nominated at Round 1 of Hellmouth Awards specializing in rare pairings! Wish me luck...

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A Sunnydale Interlude

Doomed [Het]
Winner: purplefeen - A Very Good Girl [NC-17]
Runner up: mabel_marsters - Witch Way Round? [NC-17]
Unsung Hero: perverted_pages - The Pack, my version [NC-17]
Blood Donor: cordy69 - A Sunnydale Interlude [NC-17]
Thank you for the honors and everyone, don't forget to check the other stories too!

Nominated at Sunnydale Awards (Fall 2011)

Author: Pat
Title: A Sunnydale Interlude

Posted: July-August 2006
Rating: NC-17, BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Cordy

Summary: The interlude is set in School Hard (BTVS), moments before Spike and Buffy will fight on the school ground. Willow and Cordelia are hiding in the janitor closet, praying to survive the night and their lives take a different turn before resuming with the canon created by the show.
Set: BTVS S2 - includes Spike, Cordelia, Willow
Disclaimer: Characters are copyrighted by their respective owners, I am just borrowing them for a non-commercial fun.
Note: I just discovered this great Spike oriented archive with a listing of all known C/S fics the owner could find. if you are inspired or have submissions to make please check this link:
Feedback: Would love some, heck I may even send some virtual chocolate or whiskey your way if it will help...
Dedication: For Ficbitch82, it was refreshing to see that much eagerness for more Spike/Cordelia work and to A2h for opening your heart to all those ships... Thank you to Christie for the gracious and useful help and to Lysa for the great beta work you did. I couldn't havbe been more satisfied of that first try (in that ship), and it's all thanks to you two.

Read the story ... )

Also part of round 6 of the Running With Scissors Nomination:

As well, this story has been nominated along other fictions of mine in Round 11 of Fang Fetish Awards

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