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To participate in the challenge inspired by [ profile] thelittlespanko at [ profile] spanking_world I decided to use a small prompt table from [ profile] 100_tables and write 10 drabbles.
There are plenty more prompts to pick if you are inspired on that post at 100_tables

Here is the result, for those few following this journal, I hope you will find some enjoyable reads ♥

001. Melancholy 002. Anger 003. Happy 004. Lonely 005. Hungry
006. Confused 007. Excited 008. Guilty 009. Stressed 010. Weird

This table links to the spanking world posts, if you are not a member, as soon as I complete all ten, I will repost them here with a link as well :)

001. Melancholy BtVS 002. Anger Angel 003. Happy Angel 004. Lonely Supernatural 005. Hungry Teen Wolf
006. Confused Supernatural 007. Excited X-Files 008. Guilty Angel 009. Stressed Suits 010. Weird Tomorrow People

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Title: Hungry Like a Wolf
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Sheriff Stilinsky/Scott Mc Call
Rating: PG
Word Prompt: Hungry
Word Count: 100
Time Period: In the beginning...

The animal wants to rule and at first I let it be. The mind decided to get our body in control while the beastie sleeps.

But I need again to let it free and run in the deep cover of the forest as in the hidden recess of my mind. Ending up caught in a web of deceit, on the burning path of our suspicious Sheriff. He’d promised a major spanking to his son, Stiles, I’m fairly sure I’d then get one too.

That leather belt had become quite the vile contender to become number one on my shit list.

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title: I really want to Believe
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Your Choice/mulder
Rating: PG-13
Word Prompt: Excited
Word Count: 100
Time Period: The weekend came and it's going to be so much fun :-)

Mulder couldn’t stop the grin spreading on his weathered face. He was promised a night of fun, and with his extensive porn consumption he couldn’t stop imagining one hot scenario after the other.

The hot shower had brought a great pink hue to his skin and suddenly he wondered how different it would be if he were to submit to an erotic flogging session, the leather strands warming on his skin, spreading the heat all over his eager body.

And to top it off, a joyful caning could be the cherry on top of his cake.

Boy was he excited…

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt.
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Title: Stressed Again
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Harvey/mike
Rating: PG-13
Word Prompt: Stressed
Word Count: 100
Time Period: About anytime really, cause that show brews conflicts up the wazoo... Could follow this story of mine written earlier this year: Risky Business.

Another fight with Rachel, with Louis, with Jessica and Mike couldn’t take it anymore; he couldn’t wait for the end of the day to rely on Harvey’s personal brand of help to decompress.

Almost certain he wouldn’t be able to seat comfortably the next day, he dug his behind on the leather chair in the empty office, relishing the luxury before the special fire only Harvey can ignite makes him forget about his worries, his mistakes, his stress and the pleasures of parking himself on any horizontal surface anytime soon.

Spankings sucked and Harvey’s more than he cared to acknowledge.

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt.
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Title: Now you See Me
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: John/russell (non sexual)
Rating: PG-15
Prompt Word: Weird
Word Count: 100
Time Period: Set after season 1 episode 6 called All Tomorrow Parties (CW), the series The Tomorrow People is a remake of a 70's and 90's British show in which humans born with the three T's powers (Telekinesis, Teleportation, Telepathy) are hunted down by an organization dedicated to their destruction.
Official Site for Photos, episodes, etc is on

John was livid, no matter what he said and did, Russell hid behind Cara, his youth to always try to impress newbies, potential hooks-up with a trick. The concept of hiding their skills so foreign John was at his wits end.

This was life and death matters, if he couldn’t understand it with his brain, he will with his ass because John was going to lit it with the paddling of a life time. Finally in the training room, Russell still high on success doesn’t understand how he find himself bended in two, held under the arm of his leader.

The End.

Part of the
Ten Table Prompt
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Title: Professor Sidell, my Ass
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Gunn/fred
Rating: PG-13
Prompt Word: Anger
Word Count: 100
Time Period: Gunn finally understand that Wesley helped Fred send her old professor to the Pylea dimension, and he is not happy about it... Based on season 4 episode 7 called Apocalypse, Nowish.

Gunn was pissed! He had done everything he could for Fred and her desire for vengeance. And his best certainly hadn’t been good enough because the English certainly looked smug in the foyer, having provided her with a mean to the end, no matter the cost to each of their souls.

He could feel his anger rise and if she had been his sister, Gunn was certain that if he could have his way, Fred would be on his lap getting her ass paddled. Not that a spanking will entirely diminish his anger but at least he’d feel somehow vindicated...

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title: Missed Opportunity
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Angel/connor
Rating: PG
Word Prompt: Guilty
Word Count: 100
Time Period: Angel and Connor interaction in Spin the Bottle (season 4 episode 6) when Angel reverts to being Liam.

My father had lost his marbles… I don’t know how but he had no recollection of me and his life in LA. He’d always been an old bloke to distrust, mock and sometimes envy, but he is a basket case with serious daddy issues today.

This renders him human to me and makes me feel guilty. It’s a difficult emotion to manage but it’s not like he could help by sending me to my room or giving me the spanking he hinted at before, I think I would have benefited from a firm, loving framework; I declined the opportunity and live to regret it…

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt.
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Title: Can't BelieveThis!
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Dean with Lisa by Ben
Rating: PG-15
Prompt Word: Confused
Time Period: During the year Dean is spending with Lisa and Ben, things happen...

I heard the slaps and at first I just couldn’t figure out what the sound was. I was keen on fighting a new monster, now that Dean lived with us, so I grabbed my baseball bat and tiptoed in the hall trying to figure out where the sound was coming from.

I zeroed in on their bedroom! With my ear to the door I heard more slaps and some muffled groans. The sound hard to distinguish made it difficult to determine if the situation required my intervention. Intent, I listened and wondered if someone was getting spanked… Crazy, isn’t it?

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title: In the Dead of the Night
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: John thinking about Mary Winchester (Supernatural)
Rating: PG-15
Word: 100
Based on Prompt: Lonely
Time Period: John can't get over Mary's death...
Warning: Mention of self-punishment, self-flagellation ... I don't know :(

Restless dreams split my life, growing like a cancer into an ache; for the things I lost and a simple connection. I long to hold you in my arms and talk to you about my day, about the boys and the warnings flashed along the way.

The naked light shines over our fights, everything looking so petty, pain ricocheting against my troubled mind bare walls to leave me fighting to breathe, a reminiscence of our playful dates, anything to remove the need for penance and punishment whispered in my head.

May the lash erase the seeds of yearning left behind!

The End.

Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title: So Happy Together
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Lindsey/darla
Rating: PG
Time Period: Lindsey develop a friendship with Darla and a crush before realizing how infatuated she still is with Angel in Season 2 of AtS.
Prompt Word: Happy
Word: 100

Day and Night, I imagine us, happy together.
I just need you to ease my mind and tell me we belong together.
When by my side my blues is gone, my skies are cloudless
… and my heart reminds me of how happy we can be together.
The games we played last night, and the kisses we shared,
The bondage play and even the spanking fun,
They clearly show me we are meant to be together…
I know your mind is full of him, of memories built with another
I beg you to see our true path to happiness. Together.

The end.

Couldn't stop singing the song, I figured out taking some liberty with it for the glory of fiction will help and lo and behold it did :)

Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title: The Silent Break
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Oz/Willow
Rating: PG-13
Based on the Prompt : Melancholy
Time Period: Right before Oz and Willow separate on Buffy
Prompt Word: Melancholy
Word: 100

Oz had tried to get drunk but with the wolf metabolism it was becoming close to impossible.

He’d noticed Willow distancing herself, and didn’t have the courage to know-how to fight for their relationship. He’d always had an adventurous side, just hadn’t discovered the one he needed in the bedroom in a timely manner. Eager and yet afraid to explore, he, now, will always remember fondly the games with the flogger, fair skin turning pink and stripes worn with pride as was testing her and marking her.

He just feels such melancholy now, maybe he should write a goodbye song…

The End.

It's been ages since I thought of those two and it made me feel a bit of melancholy so that's why I went this route.
Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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Title: Following the Leader
Fandom: The X-Files
Pairing: Mulder/Kryceck
Rating: All ages
Implement: Ruler
Link: created for [ profile] spanking_world for their first drabblefest

Following the Leader... )

Thanks for reading

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Title: Morning Routines
Fandom: White Collar
Pairing: El/Peter
Rating: Teen
Warnings: none
Links: posted at [ profile] spanking_world for their first drabblefest

Morning Routines... )

The End :)
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As Part of the 2013 [ profile] bdsm_fandom 4-sentence drabble-a-thon, one my prompt was filled :-) Thanks Selena ♥


March 23 2013, 12:52:38 Local1 week ago

White Collar & Supernatural Crossover Prompt: Neal is staying with Peter for the weekend and he is enjoying a Supernatural marathon... Peter points out that it is hard time the brothers get spanked for some stupid things he notice while the show is playing and Neal gets hot and bothered hearing him explain what should be coming their way...


March 23 2013, 14:27:36 Local1 week ago

Fill: White Collar/Supernatural, Neal/Peter

"If Sam and Dean were mine," Peter gestures at the TV, "and pulled stupid things like that, I'd know what to do with them - they want to behave like bratty kids, I'd treat them like kids and put them over my lap for a much needed spanking."

Neal has to fight not to squirm on the sofa, doesn't want Peter to notice how much he enjoys the pictures the other man is painting with his words, then Peter suddenly stops in his detailed description of just how he'd make sure that they'd not be sitting comfortable for days, and Neal can see from the corner of his eye that he's intently looking at him.

When he turns his head to look at Peter, he sees a dangerous glint in the other man's eyes; Peter pointedly looks down to where Neal's growing erection is way too clearly visible through his trousers and says with a challenging grin: "Maybe you would like a demonstration of how I can keep unruly boys in line."

Phew, that was hard to put into just four sentences... I hope it makes sense despite the very creative use of punctuation


March 23 2013, 17:44:20 Local1 week ago

I loooooove it. This is so much better than whatever was in my mind. Gosh, I'd want a long fic now... Perfect drabble, thank you!


March 24 2013, 03:40:56 Local1 week ago

        And I'm glad that you like it

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March 17 2013, 10:07:08 Local

Any Fandom, M/M, That first time your partner/boyfriend/lover brings up the idea of kink or something kinky.


March 23 2013, 17:55:38 Local

FILL: That little ass of mine - Open Fandom

"And you'd be so tight, I'd thought I'd die and went to heaven!"

Yep, that's how he got me to give him my cherry, the second one, the one that just mentioning it in passing makes you feel bad, dirty and oh so kinky!

I knew he was an ass man, he'd always spent countless hours patting my behind, resting his hand over my rump, guiding me through throngs of people with his hand pushing down on the back pocket of my jeans, more often than not seating me on his lap for a kiss or two...

Last night, his mouth was where his heart was, paying homage to my firm globes, kneading them an opening me to the most luscious exploration I had ever been party to; my throat is still hoarse from the beginning an encouraging I did, his tongue is still exhausted from the licking and can I even mention the sucking?


March 23 2013, 18:00:48 Local

Very nice, great fill.

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March 18 2013, 11:50:18 Local5 days ago
Any fandom, M/M, first spanking (first ever, first time with a particular lover, first time with a certain implement, whatever)

March 23 2013, 13:03:01 Local9 minutes agoEdited: March 23 2013, 13:04:12 Local
FILLED: M/M first spanking with the cane - Open Fandom

The cane was daring him to move, to grab it and break it in two or even three pieces; not available to strike fear in him anymore or ever.

He's been sent to the office because he screwed up again, because he couldn't stay on the straight and narrow, follow the rules and because lines certainly didn't work where spanking had!

He was told he'd be on the receiving end of the dreaded implement if he didn't calm down, and right away it had changed his life, his perception, his conception of things as everything was now focussed on the pain a cane could inflict and on the fact this was the one implement that could make him cry, confess and plead...

It looked inucuous left on the desk, it looked small and lifeless, but he had no doubt, the cane could make him restless, sing and dance, forgetting about his nakedness and about his brattiness, simply teaching him a lesson well deserved.

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March 7 2013, 04:10:40 Local2 weeks ago
NCIS/White Collar: Gibbs/Neal - Neal is dressed as a priest for an undercover op, Gibbs decides he needs some debauching.

March 23 2013, 12:42:13 Localhalf an hour agoEdited: March 23 2013, 12:45:16 Local
FILLED: Gibbs/Neal - Priest Kink - On the Edge in Public

Since they’ve commandeered the corner booth in the dark corner, Gibbs had coerced Neal’s big cock to life and kept it engaged and entertained for the last thirty minutes; the collar lining the neck of young Neal too tight to allow for the big gulps of needed air...

Food had been ordered and the meal almost finished before the warm hand keeping Neal hard and needy started pumping eagerly and making him squirm. He was afraid to come in the dark clothes of the trade, soiling them in bright white splotches of cum, but it wasn’t his decision to make; he fought his release hard until the savvy thumb of the officer latched on his slit and played with the wetness there; he was finally a relieved goner!

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Title: Home Sweet Home
Author: Cordy69
Words: 124
For the AO 2013 Drabble-a-thon: Inspired by Ats – Lonely Hearts (week 1)
Crossposted at AO forum

It's reassuring to see a girl live like Cordelia... All my life, I've sucked at becoming the perfect guest at my girls’ places or be the perfect host in the holes I called home.
And here she is, a real stiffener, a walking wet dream matching my love for domestic chores and not even ashamed of admonishing me. Yes the maid took the day off alright, and I just feel so free to invite one at my own place... Honestly it can't be worse than here!

Of course, why bother going home when maybe, with some help from the brooding vampire there maybe I can get the girl sleeping at my side... Yes, that’s even less work! Hey! Of course I can dream!!!!

The End.
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Title: Let your Beautiful Light Shine

Author: Cordy69

Words: 291

For the AO 2013 Drabble-a-thon: Inspired by Ats – City Of… (week 1)

Voice over: "Los Angeles. You see it at night and it shines. Like a beacon. People are drawn to it. People and other things. They come for all sorts of reasons…”

Let Your Light Shine... Read here )

Thanks for reading :-)

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I did not become Captain of the Firefly for power. Nope, I took the job because I was lazy. Yep, and not even ashamed of it.

That is the one job I can have without having a weenie, pansy ass telling me what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Okay, that wasn’t about my laziness but about the hard time I have accepting to take orders. Still, it takes the edge off receiving orders... The heck it does!

So, yes, the next pleasure out of my riff-raff life is the knowledge that I can sleep on my deck, refuse a shipment, eat out of cans and play cards with the locals.

Today, I’m testing some waters… a hidden cove, a lush girl, and no worries in sight! Yes, a bit of laziness, as I said.

Well, that’s my definition of power, individual power, lasting power; to me, anyway.

The End.

Part of the whedonverse and beyond springtime ficlet (started by [ profile] wereleopard), inspired by those prompts:
Word prompt: POWER
Originally posted here:
Crossposted at AO3:

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Title: My Angel
Fandom: AtS Season 1
Rating: PG
Word Count: 150
Characters/Pairing: Cordy/Doyle
Author: Pat
First Word: Cordelia
Last Word: Angel

Cordelia had to be a Princess. No, she has to become my Princess. Not that Irish men often believes in Fairytale but look at this healthy glow!

I am not a man used to ponder on details, but she is simply made of awesome. Her luminous eyes sparkle with intelligence and mischief. And that, any Irishman will stand behind. And her mouth, so beautifully adorned, no matter the time of day has to have been made for me... I come just thinking of it on me, any part of me, you disgusting bastards!

Come on Man! Give me a pint and I'll tell you more about my own personal Angel... Well if you're jealous you don't have to stay asswipe.

Yeah, as I was saying, she also have these long fingers, nails painted firetruck red, you can't miss them. And when she touches you, you wish she'd apply more pressure, you want to see the marks those nails will leave on your naked skin. Okay, I may take my dreams for reality but honestly you'd do the same.

Just picture yourself spending days on end looking at her magnificent legs, and the fuck me pumps encasing her little feet and strenght of a cheerleader at the top of her shape behind it and tell me you don't want to be in the cradle of her tighs... Come on, say it. I knew you wouldn't. No, I don't want to place a bet. Every hour or my life is a stupid bet. I never know how much time I have, I do not want her to be entangled in my mess.

Now, if we were to have a one night stand, every night, and not call it a relationship; that's what I'd call a win-win situation. Of course it's not going to happen, my Cordy is way to classy for this.

And Doyle finally shut up. He stares at his beer, imagining the sexy girl in his arm, as she is in his heart. And, he prays that one day she will be his personal Angel.

The End.

Written for my 10th entry in the Spring Story Tree 2011 at Whedonverse and Beyond
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For the Spring 2011 Story Tree at Whedonverse and Beyond

Title: Frenchied…
Author: Pat
Character(s)/Pairing: Dean Winchester (Supernatural Season 6 after The French Mistake)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 192
First Word: Jensen
Last Word: Harder
Summary: Dean has a hard time working the alternate reality presented to him by the side trip in the lives of his alter-ego.


Dean woke in cold sweats, taking a minute to set his bearings right. Sam was still asleep in the bed next to his; his knife was safely under his pillow, the salt lines are undisturbed along the window sill and the door. The eldest Winchester was still wandering what awoke him, and then the name again, a whisper in his muddled brain. Jensen.

He finally remembered the trip to Vancouver, the discovery of that alternate life in which Sam is an estranged friend, Ruby his wife, Castiel an actor. And their names… What the heck? What kind of name is Padalecki anyway?

Dean hates this other world, a world in which everything is askew, everything he has known a joke. Dean envies this Jensen. In his world, he could have cultivated a friendship and a different kind of love for his brother, that Jared.

He thought he had seen it all, Hell and Heaven, sorrow and joy but never would he have imagined a world in which his brother is an “other”, an entity living a separate life, becoming a sudden object of interest.

Could his life have sucked any harder?

The End.
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Title: Care Bear with Fangs
Author: Pat
Rating: PG-13 (for swear and erotic wording)
Word Count: 168
Character(s)/Pairing: Angel (circa AtS)
Summary: Angel is riling at the disparaging comment Cordy made about his virility (cough), ie his ability to be a big bad vamp.
First Word: Care
Last Word: Her

For the Spring 2011 Story Tree at Whedonverse and Beyond

Care Bear with fangs... Angel has fangs and he sure knows how to use them! People in the world still shiver over recounting of his exploits. He can't believe Cordelia went there, Care Bear with Fangs... He'll show her how he uses his fangs. On her long, elegant neck, on her white and firm breast, on her toned and creamy thighs... Fuck! He has to get out of this rut.

Cordelia is seating there at her desk; not a care in the world. Looking at the latest fashion issue of a magazine he is sure he is paying for. She is his friend, loyal, trustworthy, beautiful and honest. He supposes if he must face the reality, here is as safe a place to do so. Among friends, in the one place he can call home. Yeah, maybe he is Angel, the Care Bear with Fangs; Beats being Angelus and going on a bloody rampage. The world really ought to thank him! And, he sure ought to thank her!

The End.
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Title: A Wolf in Sheep Clothing
Author: Pat
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG
Word Count: 230
Characters/Pairing: John Winchester
Summary: set pre-series
First Word: Town
Last Word: Give


Part of the Spring 2011 Story Tree at Whedonverse and Beyond


A Wolf... )
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Title: My Aching Heart
Author: Pat
Rating: PG
Word Count: 503
Characters/Pairing: Wesley (Angel the Series)
Summary: Wes reflects on his concept of Family.
A/N: set Season 5, just after he killed the robot impersonating his father.
First Word: Family
Last Word: One

Part of the Whdeonverse Spring 2011 Story Tree

Read the story here... )
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Title: My World unfolds in Dreams
First Word: Skin
Last Word: Fore
Author: Pat
Rating: NC-17 (seriously not work safe)
Word Count: 337
Characters/Pairing: Angel/and the female character of your choice in BtVS and AtS
Summary: Angel is already aware of the curse, he somehow manage to still bed one of his love….
A/N: Set sometimes in AtS.

This is for the 2011 Spring Challenge at Whedonverse and Beyond
This is another story inspired by the word SKIN from A2h story in the Story Tree

Read more... )

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Title: Home is where your Team Is
First Word: Skin
Last Word: Home
Author: Pat
Rating: PG-13 (beware... of some bad words)
Word Count: 447
Characters/Pairing: Jayne, River (Firefly)
Summary: Jayne and River face off with a Reaver.
A/N: Set before the movie but after the TV Show.

This is for the 2011 Spring Challenge at Whedonverse and Beyond
This is another story inspired by the word SKIN from A2h story in the Story Tree


Read more... )

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This is an old drabble inspired by a photo posted by Angelus2hot at Whdeonverseandbeyond forum.

Inspired by the first photo showing Wesley holding Angel

Finding one's true self
by Pat

Thanks for the challenge (found here:, it was cool.

I've never touched anyone. No one ever touched me.

Wes was hyper suddenly. he did not know what to do with his hands, his feet, his mind. Pretty girls were talking to him, noticing him. And that was bad enough. he was the source of so much ridicule in Sunnydale he wasn't sure he could take it here, now that he has a new chance.

Who knows? maybe he can still shine for Cordelia? She is the prettiest of them all. A body to damn him, a smile that kills, a spirit that uplift him, she just was it for him.

How can he appear smart enough, strong enough, good enough to her? Oh yes, he needs to get closer to the dork next to him. That's what she calls him. I don't really see the dork, I see a man secure of his manhood, knowing his purpose. I see in him the man I want to be.

He is letting me touch him. Heck he seems as lost as I am. Shouldn't he be better at social encounters. he was actually hanging out with young folks, I was just hanging out with dusty books...

Tonight, we are pals. United. Brothers in arms shinning for Cordy. She cannot be ashamed of us, can't she?

The end.
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For the summer contest at Whedonverse and Beyond found here:

AtS, Wesley PoV, PG13
Word prompt: Complications
Mood prompt: Haunting
Expression: There is no comfort in the truth

What doesn’t Kill us makes us Stronger , by Pat (July 2009)

Do we really need the complication? I guess we are too jaded to care. I wanted to believe that I was better than Lilah Morgan that I will never stoop so low. As the head of the Wolfram and Hart division that poisoned our lives for the past couple of years, I've always seen her as a cold and evil bitch, that just happen to be disturbingly beautiful.

Complications, of course.

I fell of my high horse eons ago, learned to become part of the team, learned to lead a team, even learned to lose my team. Yes, no more high horses, no more prissy Wesley, no more know-it-all watcher Wyndham-Pryce. Facing this truth is the worse. No comfort can be had in any of the difficult memories built through the experiences I survived or the memories created as days pass by.

Lilah body was never cold, not when it was molding itself to mine. Her conversations were always challenging; for all the said and unsaid things that make our lives so unnatural. Her stunning body inspired quality wet dreams the likes I couldn't recall ever have.

So, I am a traitor, my perception of things is just one truth, not even a pretty one; just enough of a truth to create their own sets of complications I guess. Well I face my fears, my limitations, my mistakes and even my weird expectations, I’ll make Lilah happy. I already crave her body, and I will stand by her over the distrust our arrangement initiated, the conceit surrounding our failures, the vicious attacks always sent the way of those already bloodied and battered.

I will because what no one understands but her is that we are alike, like rabid little animals, kicked in the gutter and who learned to survive on scraps, to be cunning, to rely on strength nobody knew they developed. We are a surprisingly good fit together; on the opposite side of the tracks, but still the same side of the coin. So easy to miss, so easy not to recognize, so easy to mistrust and even easier to ignore once noticed. After all what do you expect from loners and nonconformists oddballs?

I like what we have with each other; I can live with the complications. None of this will deter me from doing what I believe is right, I suppose I just fail to see what is so wrong about our relationship…

The End (word: 417).


Aug. 4th, 2009 06:58 am
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For the summer contest found at Whedonverse and Beyond:


Expression: I wouldn’t set the sun at night ‘till everyone was treated right.
Mood prompt: Betrayed
Word prompt: Reflections

Broken, by Pat
Supernatural, Sam PoV, PG-15 for language

For two days it’s been Bobby and me, mopping around his shack. Seeing Dean being torn apart, alive, kicking and screaming was obviously too much for me. When I came back to myself, Bobby was there, tears running unchecked on his burly face, I was shocked and unresponsive. I still am. My big brother, my protector, my confident, my best friend, the closest person I have ever been to is not by me anymore. His grin that I thought was immortalized in my brain was replaced by the painful expression frozen in that last moment. Can I even ever listen to classic rock again? Gee all my musical education has to be shoved down a drain; from now on it ought to be NPR radio all the time. I cry; Again. There were tears left to be shed?

It’s always in times like those that the worse memories come to plague my conscious moments. Dean giving me the Christmas present from hell: a Barbie; my sibling checking my homework; Dean giving me my first wedgies; Dean teaching me to drive the Impala. Good and bad moments, all cherished, all lost forever as the only person I could share them with is gone, left me to face the world, alone.

I knew it could happen, I prepared for it, I just can’t live through the absence! Fuck the world, why brings us in it? To fight? There isn’t enough fodder out there?

I remember so well his dibs, he was so sure I was the good brother, the one that cared about the world, the innocents. I just wanted to understand what it was that dad was disappearing for, I wanted to know how much of a risk Dean was taking, I wanted to kill whatever took mom out before I had a chance to grow-up with her. Caring for the world came later, in my teens, only after I assured myself that we were all equipped, mentally and physically, to deal with the various hunts. I even had the misguided impression that what we did would change the world that I could make sure that everyone was always treated right, was safer if not happier at the end of a gig.

Dean would usually get the girl and I would scoff. Today I am reeling. Where were any of these people we saved? For years, we sacrificed, hurt, and had no lives for people that simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time or made the wrong decisions. None was there for us. None picked up for dad, none offered to help Dean, and none stood by me.

I hate them all! They can all rot in hell for all I care. The world is not a safe place, it’s not a caring place and I refuse to carry its weight.

I want my brother back… I don’t want to be nice to people, to reassure them, to defend them. I want to be reassured, protected, happy and it can never happen again.

The End (words: 504)

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