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Friends... If you are in Europe and anywhere close to Barcelona, let's meet next summer...

I love this concept and seriously consider going!

I hope I won't be alone... SOOOOOO, Check it out:

ComicCruise LJ gives you the jist of things :)

Comic Con at Sea website explains the details and gets updated with new guests and ways to reduce the cost of the adventure (even though you get to pay in four times so it is not too bad on the purse:D)

Hope to hear some opinions ♥
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Originally posted by [ profile] lysa_whitmore at 2013 AO Drabble-a-Thon

Angel's Oasis is hosting a ANGEL "Drabble-a-Thon" beginning in January 2013.

One part TV Marathon. One part Drabble. 

It's just a fun way to watch some Angel episodes with friends, reminisce, and write & read little bits about the characters and show we love.

To keep things realistic, we're sticking to watching 2 shows a week.  

Watch the show. Pick a character/s, a location, an event, a line of dialogue, plot, set design, costume as the subject of your Drabble. Ideally something related to one or both of the 2 episodes that week, but whatever sparks your imagination.

Any non-writers out there can join in for the TV marathon and pop by to comment on the show, the drabbles, or suggest a drabble challenge.

The viewing schedule for Weeks 1 - 4 and a few more details can be found at Angel's Oasis in the AO 2013 Drabble-a-Thon thread.

Spread the word. Relax, enjoy the show, and have some fun with it again. Your muse will bring the popcorn.
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Well, I managed to create a new community to address my newly found appreciation for Spanking. I suppose we all get different kinks and this one appeals to me. :)

If you are on my flist and feel like joining in and support this endeavour, I'd love to have you on board. If it's not your cup of tea but you are part of communities that will allow you to promote or would rather post on your LJ so some members of your friend list might find their way to this new community, hoorah!

In any case, I hope you'll enjoy the beautiful banner, Angelus2hot made for it!

PS: If you feel like reccing spanking related items you've seen elsewhere, wrote for a meme or else (lol) please do so, I can't wait to discover all those...
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