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Title: It could have been a Romance novel
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Rating: PG-15
Word: 440 words
Fandom: Preacher (click to read about it, if you do not know the fandom)
Relationship: Tulip O'Hare (played by Ruth Negga) / Jesse Custer (played by Dominic Cooper)
Summary: Tulip has decided to get what she wants and not just follow on the sideline this new spiritual gig Jesse, her ex-lover, seem eager to use.
Notes: The first season was quite inspiring,they are getting ready for season two, now is the time to binge watching everyone!
Also, I've never written in this fandom, so any and all errors are mine, I apologize in advance.
Written for the Letter Challenge at [ profile] spanking_world

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Thanks for reading :)
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Artist/Author: Cordy69
Type of work: Fiction
Title: Jedikiah ghastly week had started…
Fandom: The Tomorrow People (US * 2013-2014)
Spanking Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Jedikiah Price / Stephen Jameson
Type of Spanking: Parental and Work
Implement(s): Belt
Summary: Stephen is not committed to learn or truly work for his uncle and ULTRA, Jedikiah is fed up with it and resolve to do something about it.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1537 words
Notes & Warnings: Could be a Missing Scene, contains spanking elements
Spoiler up to: Season 1 Episode 4
Links to Previous Work in this Verse: N/A
Dedicated to: [ profile] cookielaura who needed more Tomorrow People fics in her life :) For the *SpankVent Advent Calendar challenge going on at [ profile] spanking_world this month.

Jedikiah ghastly week had started…

The vein throbbing on Jedikiah forefront was a sight, pumping madly between his creased brows, a visible trace of all the upsets in his world.
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Example of the underarm position :-) Couldn't find a drawing or a picture of two men... Sad :(

The Protagonists: Jedekiah Price - the uncle - and Stephen Jamesson


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Dear Friends,

If you ever enjoyed anything on this journal, you may want to check the New Valentine Challenge at SW :-)

I can't wait to play in that sandbox ♥

Come spend an extended Valentine's Day with us at [ profile] spanking_world! Our new comment fic challenge runs from 15th February to 22nd March, and there'll be lots of fandoms to play in! For more info check out our post HERE!

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March 17 2013, 10:07:08 Local

Any Fandom, M/M, That first time your partner/boyfriend/lover brings up the idea of kink or something kinky.


March 23 2013, 17:55:38 Local

FILL: That little ass of mine - Open Fandom

"And you'd be so tight, I'd thought I'd die and went to heaven!"

Yep, that's how he got me to give him my cherry, the second one, the one that just mentioning it in passing makes you feel bad, dirty and oh so kinky!

I knew he was an ass man, he'd always spent countless hours patting my behind, resting his hand over my rump, guiding me through throngs of people with his hand pushing down on the back pocket of my jeans, more often than not seating me on his lap for a kiss or two...

Last night, his mouth was where his heart was, paying homage to my firm globes, kneading them an opening me to the most luscious exploration I had ever been party to; my throat is still hoarse from the beginning an encouraging I did, his tongue is still exhausted from the licking and can I even mention the sucking?


March 23 2013, 18:00:48 Local

Very nice, great fill.

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March 18 2013, 11:50:18 Local5 days ago
Any fandom, M/M, first spanking (first ever, first time with a particular lover, first time with a certain implement, whatever)

March 23 2013, 13:03:01 Local9 minutes agoEdited: March 23 2013, 13:04:12 Local
FILLED: M/M first spanking with the cane - Open Fandom

The cane was daring him to move, to grab it and break it in two or even three pieces; not available to strike fear in him anymore or ever.

He's been sent to the office because he screwed up again, because he couldn't stay on the straight and narrow, follow the rules and because lines certainly didn't work where spanking had!

He was told he'd be on the receiving end of the dreaded implement if he didn't calm down, and right away it had changed his life, his perception, his conception of things as everything was now focussed on the pain a cane could inflict and on the fact this was the one implement that could make him cry, confess and plead...

It looked inucuous left on the desk, it looked small and lifeless, but he had no doubt, the cane could make him restless, sing and dance, forgetting about his nakedness and about his brattiness, simply teaching him a lesson well deserved.

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March 7 2013, 04:10:40 Local2 weeks ago
NCIS/White Collar: Gibbs/Neal - Neal is dressed as a priest for an undercover op, Gibbs decides he needs some debauching.

March 23 2013, 12:42:13 Localhalf an hour agoEdited: March 23 2013, 12:45:16 Local
FILLED: Gibbs/Neal - Priest Kink - On the Edge in Public

Since they’ve commandeered the corner booth in the dark corner, Gibbs had coerced Neal’s big cock to life and kept it engaged and entertained for the last thirty minutes; the collar lining the neck of young Neal too tight to allow for the big gulps of needed air...

Food had been ordered and the meal almost finished before the warm hand keeping Neal hard and needy started pumping eagerly and making him squirm. He was afraid to come in the dark clothes of the trade, soiling them in bright white splotches of cum, but it wasn’t his decision to make; he fought his release hard until the savvy thumb of the officer latched on his slit and played with the wetness there; he was finally a relieved goner!

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Author: Cordy69

Type of work: Fiction

Title: Across the Universe

Fandom: Crossover NCIS, SGA, SPN

Spanking Characters: Tony/dean, Lorne/sam, Gibbs

Type of Spanking: Erotic

Implements: Hand, Flogger

Summary: In this Universe, Lorne is back on Earth (circa season 2 of SGA when the Ancients return to Atlantis) and is assigned to Gibbs working with the NCIS Team. At a weekend party he discovers an interesting side of his co-workers...

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 2492

Notes and Warning: Not Harsh at all... Originally posted at [ profile] spanking_world for their 2012 Holiday Exchange

Spoiler: Completely AU

Dedicated to: [ profile] sexycazzy who wanted any Erotic/Sensual spanking with any of those pairings: Stargate Atlantis: Lorne/any male (expect for Kavanagh); Supernatural: Sam/Dean; NCIS: Tony/Gibbs, Tony/Abby, Tony/Jimmy in that scenario: Dom(me)/sub universe where everyone are either a Dom(me) or a sub, first times, coming out to family/friends that the couple are in a D/s relationship… HAPPY HOLIDAYS SEXY!

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Thank You for Reading!

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I did not become Captain of the Firefly for power. Nope, I took the job because I was lazy. Yep, and not even ashamed of it.

That is the one job I can have without having a weenie, pansy ass telling me what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Okay, that wasn’t about my laziness but about the hard time I have accepting to take orders. Still, it takes the edge off receiving orders... The heck it does!

So, yes, the next pleasure out of my riff-raff life is the knowledge that I can sleep on my deck, refuse a shipment, eat out of cans and play cards with the locals.

Today, I’m testing some waters… a hidden cove, a lush girl, and no worries in sight! Yes, a bit of laziness, as I said.

Well, that’s my definition of power, individual power, lasting power; to me, anyway.

The End.

Part of the whedonverse and beyond springtime ficlet (started by [ profile] wereleopard), inspired by those prompts:
Word prompt: POWER
Originally posted here:
Crossposted at AO3:

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Author: [ profile] cordy69
Type of work: Birthday Fiction for [ profile] trumansshell
Title: Don't Wanna
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: John Winchester, Dean (9) and Sammy (5)
Type of Spanking: Sibling hand spanking implied
Implement(s): hand
Summary: Sammy first spanking at the hand of Dean is rocking the Winchester boat.
Rating: PG
Word Count or Length: 1136 words
Spoiler up to (episode or season): No Spoiler, Pre-series
Notes & Warnings: Cute and sadly only the aftermath of the spanking is discussed here. Still hope you will enjoy this Shell!
Birthday Prompt: Anything wee!chester or teen!chester :)

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Title: Disciplined for his Own Good

Author: [ profile] cordy69

Story created for the Spanked Spike Fic/Artathon created by [ profile] whichclothes

Prompt: (22) Angel/Spike - Angel proves that while he may have a soul now, he is still not above disciplining his boy. Prompt is one of sixty-three that can be found here:

Rating: PG-15

Warning: Double spanking, second one could be considered extreme for some…

Word: 2689

Disciplined for his Own Good by Cordy69

Spike was finally ready to leave the private room at the hospital he had recovered in from his tragic encounter with Dana, the damaged slayer. More than the physical trauma, he still almost feels a phantom cut in his arm, it’s the realization that this world was just fucked up, and he, Spike was part of the imbalance.

Spike thought he had made peace with his past deeds years earlier, finding love again with Buffy, working on getting his soul back, fighting the good fight, but Dana brought forth all the little details he had so easily discarded, the deaths that hadn’t mattered, the broken victims he had left behind, and brought forth a desire to maybe get involved into building a better future out there, for those that have no voice, no hope, no options.

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I am so excited the X-Files Secret Santa started and there are so many participants already,it tells me the community is alive and well!

Anyhoo, if you want to participate follow the link:
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