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PREACHER It could have been a Romance Novel (PG-15 / Sexy) Tulip/jesse
THE ORIGINALS I Beg of you (PG-13/ Letter / request of a Spanking) Cami/klaus
THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Jedikiah ghastly week had started (PG-13 / Spanking) Jed/stephen
WHITE COLLAR For all the Gold in the World (PG-15 / Spanking) Peter/neal, Elizabeth/neal - Gift for [ profile] itsmecoon
THE AVENGERS A Party to Remember (PG-15 / Sexy) Bruce with Tony, Thor, Jane, Pepper, and Captain America
Gift by [ profile] wendelah1 THE X-FILES A Merry Little Christmas (NC-17 / Sexy) Mulder/scully
THE X-FILES Playing House, the Adult Way (NC-17 /Sexy) Mulder/scully-  Gift for [ profile] easyqueenie
MULTI-VERSE 6 Posters (PG / Funny) The Avengers, Fast and Furious, and more
BTVS The Silent Break (PG-13 / Drabble) Oz/willow
ANGEL Professor Sidell, my Ass (PG-13 / Drabble) Gunn/fred
ANGEL So Happy Together (PG 13 / Drabble / Poem) Lindsey/darla
SUPERNATURAL In the Dead of the Night (PG-15 / Drabble) John/mary
TEEN WOLF Hungry Like a Wolf (PG / Drabble) Sheriff Stilinski/scott mccall
SUPERNATURAL I Can't Believe This (PG-15 / Drabble) Ben overhears Dean/Lisa
THE X-FILES I Really Want to Believe (PG-13 / Drabble) Your choice/mulder
ANGEL Missed Opportunities (PG / Drabble) Angel/connor
SUITS Stressed Again (PG / Drabble) Harvey/mike
THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Now You See Me (PG / Drabble) John/russell
THE WALKING DEAD Cigs means smoking Butt (PG-13 / Spanking) Daryl Dixon/Chris Dixon (OC) Rick Grimes/Carl Grimes
Crossover: BTVS / SUPERNATURAL A Hell of a Ride (PG-13 / Spanking) Cordy/dean
ANGEL The Very Picture of Penance (PG-15 / Spanking) Angel/lindsey with Spike - Gift for [ profile] spankingfemme - Written with [ profile] spankedbyspike
TORCHWOOD / BTVS The World is a Strange Place (PG / Crossover) Ianto/jack, Buffy/faith - Gift for [ profile] darkwingduckie7 .
ANGEL Love Does Lead to Forgiveness (PG / Drabble) Angel
ROSWELL A Son (PG / Drabble) Sheriff Valenti/max evans
ROSWELL What Happens in Vegas (PG / Drabble) Sheriff Valenti/Kyle Valenti
THE X-FILES Following the Leader (PG / Drabble) Mulder/kryceck
WHITE COLLAR Morning Routines (PG-13 / Drabble) Elizabeth/peter
(26 stories 6 art pieces)
SUITS Risky Business (PG / Spanking) Harvey/mike for [ profile] ficwriterjet
REAL PEOPLE My Pledge to You (PG / Spanking) Jared/jensen for [ profile] itsmecoon
WHITE COLLAR The Newbie (PG / Spanking) Peter/neal for [ profile] cookielaura .
Gift by [ profile] selana1505 WHITE COLLAR / SUPERNATURAL Untitled (PG / Drabble) Peter/neal
UNSPECIFIED FANDOM That Little Ass of Mine (NC-17 / Drabble) pick characters you like :-) - Gift for [ profile] pairatime
UNSPECIFIED FANDOM Dreaded Cane (PG-15 / Drabble) pick characters you imagine - Gift for [ profile] selana1505
Crossover: NCIS / WHITE COLLAR On the Edge in Public (PG-15 / Drabble) Gibbs/neal - Gift for [ profile] azure_chaos
THE VAMPIRE'S DIARIES A Valentine Celebration (NC-17 / Kinky) Damon/elena - Gift for [ profile] aquakitty1864
Gift by [ profile] aquakitty1864 THE VAMPIRE'S DIARIES Making her Human (NC-17 / Spanking) Damon/elena
ANGEL Home Sweet Home (PG-13 / Drabble) Doyle/cordy
Crossover: NCIS / SUPERNATURAL / STARGATE ATLANTIS Across the Universe (NC-17 / Spanking)  Tony/dean, Lorne/sam, Gibbs
ANGEL Let Your Beautiful Light Shine (PG / Drabble) Angel
FIREFLY How to come to Power in short easy Steps (PG / Drabble) Captain Mal
Gift by [ profile] angelus2hot Banners and 4 icons for Angel/Cordy
SUPERNATURAL Don't Wanna (PG / Spanking) Wee!Chesters Dean/sam, John
THE VAMPIRE'S DIARIES Damon Gif Icon - Gift for [ profile] neverminetohold
ANGEL Disciplined for his own Good (PG-15 / Spanking) Angel/spike - Gift for [ profile] whichclothes
Crossover: ANGEL / BTVS Roman Love (NC-17 / Sexy) Spike/buffy
Gift by [ profile] dreamlittleyo series of John Winchester / Jeffrey Dean Morgan Icons
Gift by [ profile] turquoisetumult Spike/Angel icons
Gift by [ profile] angelus2hot ANGEL Never Say Goodbye (PG-13 / Romantic) Angel/cordy
(14 stories)
ANGEL My Angel (PG / Drabble) Cordy/Doyle
SUPERNATURAL Frenchied (PG / Drabble) Dean
ANGEL Care Bear with Fangs (PG / Drabble) Angel
ANGEL Night Calls (PG-15 / Sexy) Harmony/Gunn
SUPERNATURAL A Wolf Sheep Clothing (PG-13 / Drabble) John
ANGEL My Aching Heart (PG / Instrospective) Wesley
THE X-FILES Truth or Dare (PG / Drabble) Fox Mulder
SUPERNATURAL No Mountain High Enough (PG-13 / Introspective) Dean
Crossover: BTVS / ANGEL My World UNfolds in Dreams (PG-15 / Sexy) Angel/whichever female character you choose
FIREFLY Home is where your Team Is (PG / Friendship) Jayne, River
SUPERNATURAL Steal your Life (PG-15 / Sexy) Dean/sam
ANGEL Comfort... a Matter of Opinion (PG / Friendship) Angel & Cordy
ANGEL Finding One's True Self (PG / Friendship) Wesley & Angel
Gift by [ profile] ldyghst SUPERNATURAL (PG / Art) John Winchester Fanmix
Gift by [ profile] smut_slut REAL PEOPLE J3 (PG-15 / Art) Jeff/Jensen/Jared Wallpaper, Banner, Icons
Gift by [ profile] angelus2hot ANGEL / BTVS (PG-13 / ART) Angel/Cordy, Spike/Cordy wallpapers
FIREFLY Kids Do Not Do this At Work (NC-17 / Sexy) Simon/kaylee
FIREFLY Whisful Thinking (PG-13 / Introspective) Inara, Jayne
Gift by [ profile] leyenn It Must be Fate (PG-13/ Sexy Art) Mulder/scully Wallpapers, Banners, Icons
SUPERNATURAL A Morning Wood (NC-17 / Sexy) Dean/sam
(16 Stories)
BTVS / ANGEL The Princess and the Pea (PG-13 / Pre-pairing) Wesley/cordelia - a Fairytale Retelling
FIREFLY-SERENITY A Night Out (PG-13 / Introspective) River - a retelling of The Little Match Girl
BTVS The Ugly Duckling (PG / Introspective) Xander Harris
ANGEL Silent Declaration (PG-15 / Sexy) Angel/nina
SUPERNATURAL The Happy Banner (PG / Art) Dean & Sam
ANGEL A Sunnydale Interlude (NC-17 / Semi-Consensual) Spike/cordy
ANGEL All That It Can Be (PG/ Introspective) Angel/cordy implied
(7 Stories)
More updates to come :)
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