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Title: So Happy Together
Author: [ profile] cordy69
Pairing: Lindsey/darla
Rating: PG
Time Period: Lindsey develop a friendship with Darla and a crush before realizing how infatuated she still is with Angel in Season 2 of AtS.
Prompt Word: Happy
Word: 100

Day and Night, I imagine us, happy together.
I just need you to ease my mind and tell me we belong together.
When by my side my blues is gone, my skies are cloudless
… and my heart reminds me of how happy we can be together.
The games we played last night, and the kisses we shared,
The bondage play and even the spanking fun,
They clearly show me we are meant to be together…
I know your mind is full of him, of memories built with another
I beg you to see our true path to happiness. Together.

The end.

Couldn't stop singing the song, I figured out taking some liberty with it for the glory of fiction will help and lo and behold it did :)

Part of the Ten Table Prompt
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